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Friday, September 7, 2012

Obama Vows to Bankrupt Country in Acceptance Speech

And people say Ron Paul has a dedicated group of followers…
In his acceptance speech for the Democratic Nomination, President Obama tonight vowed to continue spending, spending and spending taxpayer dollars on our big government programs and pledged to not take a step backwards on Medicare, Medicare or any other social program the government is running right now.

It comes as no surprise that President Obama remains ALL IN when it comes to sustaining the growth of government at any costs and tonight he has declared his intentions to go out on his shield.
Many people think that the biggest challenge to Barak Obama and his ideals is Republican presidential challenger Mitt Romney but it isn’t. Mr. Obama’s biggest challenger is…Math!

That’s right, with the Federal Government running a deficit of $16 Trillion dollars and making poor people out of the middle class, the dreams of sustaining any of his pie-in-the-sky plans is running into a numbers problem: Poor people pay less or no taxes. The more poor people there are, the less taxes that will come into federal coffers and right now the economy is cranking out new poor people every week. The increased tax burden on the working sector is also creating more poor people. It is a fact that there were more poor people out there last year than the year before and more poor people today than last year. 
The only growth industry in the U.S. right now is poor people. There are record numbers on Food Stamps, record numbers on Unemployment Insurance and record numbers who have fallen off of Unemployment Insurance. This is a direct result in increased taxation and regulatory burden on businesses and taxpayers. The less people have, the less they have to spend.
So where is all this money to continue Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Unemployment Benefits, Welfare, Food Stamps, Subsidized Housing and National Health Care going to come from?  Every economist in the world has confirmed that taxing what’s left of the wealthy is but a marginal sum in comparison to what the nation owes for these and other federal programs.

So where will the money come from? Sadly, Mr. Obama seems to have left that question unanswered in his gloriously received speech. I also don’t recall one mention of the looming national debt and what he was planning on doing about it. Perhaps in all the excitement he just must’ve forgotten to mention it with all that cheering and all going on.
Obama will smite the evil insurance companies, he will turn the cruel lenders into pilars of salt and he will vanquish those who seek to harness the great Satan of domestic oil supply. Verily he has spoken.
No, our seniors will not go without, our soldiers will not suffer for want and neither will the masses see any reduction in their health care. The Obama administration will simple lower the costs. This was a revelation! After enduring hefty yearly premium increases and with my deductable and co-pay soaring, it was a salve to my wounds to hear that the government, that stalwart of saving and thrift, will just have us pay less for health care.  Perhaps all it will take is a wave of Obama's almighty hand.  

But that trick never works. Nixon tried it in the 1971 if anyone cares to remember.   

With his worshipers fervently cheering to crescendo at every phrase, President Obama has put forth his his mission for all to see. But there should be no mistake, what he says will not happen upon his re-election. It can’t, it just doesn’t add up.

For all the promises, pledges, intentions and determinations of the President, it will be The Market that will make the ultimate determination of the soundness of his policies.

I believe The Market is speaking right now.

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