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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Obama's Diversity Chief Can't Hold Down the Fort!

In the scheme of things it may seem small but the Federal government’s attack on freedom of speech creeps on in ever so slow increments.
Now we have a State Department RETARD like nobody turned somebody John Robinson, a BLACK MAN in the Obama administration inventing “Racist” phrases out of Totalitarian air.

Yes, Mr. Robinson is a lock-step Marxist cut from the whole cloth of Perversity/Diversity mis-education. Another "never had a real job" political hack who must have only recently, late in the 4th year of his stint in the Obama administration, accidently found his office in the State Department building and managed to issue his first press release.
This is as bad as the California “Ebonics” controversy where the San Francisco school committee condoned young black people talking stupid non-sense to be ok and even taught to any other stupid shits wallowing around in the California public school system while they were either waiting to turn 18 or find an unoccupied street corner to sell drugs on.  
Robinson’s explanation of what “Holding Down the Fort” means reveals that HE is the racist, like I suspect that many black people in the Obama Administration are.  It never meant what he says it does and HE KNOWS It.

So why then did he write such a scurrilous article? Because he’s a racist, that’s why. What other conclusion can one draw? Either that or he is a “Crazy Black Man” who sees racists in his cornflakes.
And just being the Chief Diversity Officer makes him a racist. Being called “Chief” should be offensive to every Sachem and Cacique in the world. The word "Chief" is obviously an indian term and it's use on State Department stationary should be stopped immediately.

And while we're at it, why don't we apply John Anderson's "thinking" to other expressions that should no longer be used by a caring populous, hmm?

1.) "Have a Nice Day!": This is blatantly offensive since this can easly been seen as white folks telling the minority population what to do with their day. Sounds like an order from "down on the plantation", right?

2.) "Bicycle Lane" signs: Could offend a certain Asian group (The CHINESE) known for their extensive use of the bicycle. They may feel they are being singled out for segregation.

3.) "They Got Along Swimmingly": This has got to go since it's obviously a reference to illegals crossing the Rio Grande. This could offend the WETBACKS.

4.) "Hang in There": Isn't it obvious?

If you didn't know already, the age of White Guilt in America is OVER. After the election of Barak Obama and the obvious rise of the minority class to the very heights of wealth in this country, I don’t give a shit what a black, Hispanic, Asian or “other” calls me, I’m tired of pretending  they’re not racist assholes themselves. From now on I’m calling people what they are.
I see people as people and if they're black, they’re black and brown if they’re brown. Not Hispanic American and not African American because quite frankly “African American” sends the wrong message and is grammatically wrong. Black people aren’t African American. Technically and accurately they are: “Americans of African Decent”

Why is that, Wal Man?
First, they aren’t from Africa, haven’t gone to Africa and would feel totally weird just being in Africa being around Africans. If you weren’t born in Africa but your folks or their folks were, you are a DECENDENT of people from Africa.  If you were born in the United States (to U.S. citizens) then you are an AMERICAN and therefore AMERICAN should be listed first. Hence “American of African Decent”.  Whatsamatter, you don't like this country?

I believe it was that Great Fake Reverend and adulterer/embezzler Jesse Jackson that first coined the term “African American” in public and over time it has become quite apparent that he has learned nothing from his school, his church and from the real Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. who at last report was spinning in his grave at roughly 10,000 rpms since Mr. Jackson hijacked his legacy and became a traveling race-baiter/corporate extortionist.
It does not make one PISS of a difference if “Holding Down the Fort” or “Rule of Thumb” actually does mean what Chief Johnson says it does. The use of such phrases is still protected speech under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution because “Nice” speech needs no protections. It is unwelcome speech that the First Amendment was written to protect.

Even members of the Supreme Judicial Court have trouble with putting the law over their personal biases when it comes to constitutionally protected speech. Witness Justice Anthony Alito, that great champion of conservative thought, voting for the minority in the attempt to ban the Westboro Baptist Church from protesting at the funerals of soldiers killed in action. He was wrong, he knew he was wrong and yet he voted to ban them anyway even though he was appointed to interpret the Constitution for the highest court in the land. So how's he doing on the Free Speech issue? 

By attempting to brand certain speech as “Hateful” or “Racist” , Anti-Freedom groups, and I certainly place the U.S. Federal Government in this category, attempt to criminalize ordinary and protected speech.

Keep in mind that the U.S. Constitution is only a piece of paper. Its strength lies in the people’s will to defend the outlined principles within. Without the people behind the document, the document is just a useless collection of words on a parchment.
And so this is what our benevolent government is ever so slightly trying to do year in and year out. There is no such thing as “Hate Speech”, there is no such thing as “Racist Speech”. But there are plenty of people out there working very hard to try to tell you what to do, how to think and how to behave.

And next time you stumble upon one of these people, tell them to go SCREW and tell it to someone who gives a shit!

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