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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tea Party Candiate Under Attack by Republican Party

What else can you call this current full media assault on Todd Atkins, the Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate out of Missouri but an orchestrated effort to blow a conservative Tea Party candidate out of the water?
The so called “Right Wing” radio assault teams have been mobilized. The conservative newspapers are furiously typing scathing remarks and The Republican hierarchy, which never supported his candidacy in the first place and to whom Todd Atkins owes nothing for his primary success, have come out in force to ask him to immediately step down as a candidate.
Sure he spouted some borderline mythology about rape. Did that mean he condoned rape? Yes, he’s whole heartedly against abortion like many people are, by the way. This push-back can be attributed to the all-in government sponsored “anytime is right for an abortion” crowd that seems to be all crowed into the Political Left.  

Does main stream America see abortion as something the government should be sponsoring? We’ll find out in November since, thanks to the National Republican Party’s full frontal assault on Atkins has now turned abortion into a bigger issue than THE FAILING U.S. ECONOMY!
So much for staying on message when it comes to potentially getting rid of a Tea Party candidate.

Todd Atkins has had to withstand a blistering assault from his own party over his remarks and has since issued a public apology. But this isn’t good enough. Pseudo-conservatives like Senator Scott Brown, who, by the way, will not be getting my vote this November in Massachusetts, are stomping their feet about how “insensitive” and “thoughtless” Mr. Atkins comment was, like it’s the worst thing ever said by a politician? Are you kidding me?
No, this over the top posturing is not just about Todd Atkins comment. It’s about his Tea Party affiliation. He is NOT an old school Republican. He is NOT part of the problem. Todd Atkins won’t walk their walk and the Republican establishment knows it and it is their wish that he either step down or lose the election.

Yes, the Republican establishment would rather have a Democrat in the Missouri Senate than Todd Atkins. What else can a person conclude? This is because the current Democratic Party and the hopefully outgoing old-time Republicans are the SAME!
Not only is Atkins running against the Democratic Party, he's now running against the Republican Party too.
The Republicans have never accepted the Tea Party. They have never supplied good-faith support for Tea Party candidates and this current blitz on Todd Atkins is just the latest example. Yes, the stakes are high this November but not so high that a viable candidate must step down so that a lesser candidate can run. It makes no logical sense. It has seemed so easy to abandon Atkins candidacy for them. Why?

I don’t believe for a moment that the Republicans fear that Atkins remaining in the race somehow provides fuel for President Obama’s made up “War Against Women” or that Mr. Atkins Democratic opponent, incumbent Claire McCaskill, secretly strategized his assent to the Republican nomination because she felt he was easier to beat in November. This is non-sense. This is all about Atkins Tea Party affiliation and about nullifying the majority that voted for him as the Republican Nominee.
Todd Atkins has every right to remain in the race. Let the people vote and be heard!

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