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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Presidential Choices Now Clearly Drawn

Now that Mitt Romney has chosen budget hawk Paul Ryan as his vice president and the ideological divide never broader in the history of our nation.
Do you vote for fiscal responsibility or fiscal disaster?

The United States is going to have an economic crash. I’ve got 7 to 13 Billion reasons to think it so. The choice is who you want in the presidency when that happens. Do you want the people who know and believe a collapse is going to happen and have a plan to avert or fix it or the people who are just going to keep the money spigot on until the economy goes over the cliff?
The funny thing is that people who are on the dole and are receiving government benefits will probably be voting for the wrong guy. It’s Romney who actually wants to save Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. I personally won’t mind seeing these government transfer schemes collapse and burn.

I find myself on the fence.
Another 4 years of the Obama administration and the collapse of the government entitlement system is assured. There won’t be enough money to pay for even a bit of it and although they will try, there won’t be enough money left in the private economy to take. End of system.

With Paul Ryan’s budget plan and Mitt Romney’s quoted resolve to keep the status quo on these money sucking programs, it is probably a good bet that even when the economy crashes they will attempt to “save” them although cuts will be in order.
The thing I’m concerned about come the fiscal collapse is that if ObamaCare is left in place, the resulting shortages in medicine, doctors and equipment will create a greater hardship than if Romney actually tried to keep the pyramid up so to speak. Anyone who has tried to make even a routine doctor’s appointment knows what I mean. Even people on the left side of the fence do not believe for a moment that this will improve. Other than that, let it all burn.

But this is a dilemma for the American people to decide. Because of the irrational behavior of our present group of politicians on both sides of the aisle, one side allowing vast groups of illiterate Goths into the country to become a government dependent voting class a la Hugo Chavez or the other side that supplies a slightly better educated voting group with perpetual War and Drug Prohibition to keep the military, judicial and correctional jobs flowing.
It is a good thing that Romney went with the money guy instead of the military guy for V.P. since the last thing we need in the Whitehouse right now is another military mind since the last 58 years of warfare has only served to sour me on its effectiveness as an economic engine.

The lines are drawn so let the contest begin. No accusation will be too outlandish; no act will be too bizarre. Down will be up and up will be down. It will be raining hotdogs and hamburgers with one syndicate trying to wrest power from another syndicate trying desperately to hold onto it.
You won’t be able to believe anything you hear and none of what you read. You may even doubt your eyes. Elvis, Bruce Lee and Amelia Erhart  will come back and Jesus will stop by for tea with your dead grandmother.

Nothing will be clear and everybody will be out in the street to declare "What about me?".

Please try to hold onto your humanity.  

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  1. Show me one modern Republican president who cut spending, or balanced a budget. Just one.How does this party keep talking about smaller government and have people believe them? its patently ridiculous. Neither party wants reform