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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Obama Administration Totally Misreads Middle East

Make no mistake, if the U.S. did not intervene in the Libyan civil conflict, our embassy would not have been overrun and our ambassador and his fellow Americans would not be dead today.
No one can blame George W. Bush for this debacle.

This bed was made solely by President Barak Obama. It was his administration that supported and urged on the rise of the Islamic Nazi movements in Libya and Egypt. It was the Obama administration that has not only nurtured the overthrow of secular governments in Middle Eastern countries but he also directly involved the United States Armed Forces to insure the radical Islamist’s victory. Now these countries are Islamic Caliphates.
To pull off the Libyan Intervention, the Obama administration subverted the Constitution and violated the War Powers Act.  The U.S. Congress, now reduced to a group of grasping, finger pointing, self-serving scoundrels, did what they do best…nothing. No vote, no proclamations, no action.

The biggest mistake Obama and his band of activist henchmen have made is to think that all this support, all this appeasement and all this bullying of Israel will buy them any favor with these Arab Barbarians.
You cannot buy favor with people whose only goal is to burn down every house in America, the UK, Israel and the rest of the world who AREN’T MUSLIM! Sure, they’ll take your aid and support and tell you what you want to hear but when they get strong enough on your good will, they’re coming after YOU. It’s amazing to think that Obama would think something else was going to happen. It didn’t.

And for Israel, they’re the smart guys we’re ignoring. They are our only non-Muslim allies in the Middle East, desperately trying to hold onto something we in the U.S now take for granted: Their NATION. Those who run Israel know how fleeting a civilization can be while we in the U.S. think that we’ll just go on forever regardless of what we do to ourselves. It won't.
So by getting the U.S. to help them overthrow Gadhafi and gaining control of the country, the Muslim regimes, enboldened and empowered, are quickly expunging every non-Muslim element in their nations.  They’re killing Christians and they’re killing U.S. citizens. They will succeed in expelling every non-Muslim in the nation in a grand Islamic purge. Remember, to kill in the name of Allah is no sin.

Or should we call it “Ethnic Cleansing”? Oh, I forgot, we only use that term when it’s non-Muslims fighting the spread of radical Islam in their countries so that term does not apply in this instance.

The blame for the inferno that is the Middle East today falls squarely on the Obama administration, without whose tireless efforts the storming of the Libyan Embassy would not have occurred. They miscalculated their actions in the Middle East, chose the wrong sides and used U.S. Military might illegally to carry out their misguided objectives.
The Libyan Embassy incident is a burning example for why countries stay out of other country’s Civil Wars.

By all accounts Christopher Stevens was a good man and as a U.S. Ambassador, he did his job and died in the line of duty.
It’s a shame to even have to say it.

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