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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Godless Gay Abortion Cult Holds National Rally in Charlotte, NC

I think they still refer to themselves the Democratic Party but since they’ve adopted this new platform to run on and are wearing it as a badge of honor, they might as well change the name to fit. 

Yes, these staunch advocates of the illegal alien's right to vote, drive a car and live in the United States are holding a Political Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. Or is it a “Down with God and Israel” rally, I can’t tell anymore. I think I read it on Drudge or the Fox network or something.

All I know is that the people who brought the nation the Motor-Voter laws, unwavering opposition to voter identification and verification and the escalation in the advocacy of Food Stamps to the point where they advertise on TV, radio and subway systems everywhere are rallying the nation to their most generous causes.
The Democratic Party has gathered, studied and conferenced for months to finally decide that name calling and distraction is a better strategy than actually running on deeds and accomplishments. 

And if they can’t get people who run a business or want to own one in the future or people who actually want to make something  of themselves on board with them, by hook or by crook they’ll do all they can to get everybody ELSE to join them.
So as best as I can tell from all my observations, this is the campaign platform the group "formerly known as the Democratic Party" has committed to:

1.)    Teachers Unions: Because your kid should be the smartest hamburger flipper at the Mall.

2.)    Gay Marriage: At least the lawyers will be working.

3.)     Taxpayer Funded Abortion on Demand: Because you never know when you’ll need to end your child's life.

4.)     National Healthcare: Because Affirmative Action hiring should extend to Doctors and Nurses too.

5.)    Government Competition with the Private Sector: If the bad economy doesn’t get ‘em, the government surely will.

6.)     Big Government: Because you’re just not capable of taking care of yourself.
Oh yeah, and Mitt Romney is a big rich jerk!

Rally 'round boys, looks like a winner.

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