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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Trump Exposes U.S. One Party Rule

Libertarians knew it all along but the general public was slow to believe a pack of “Isolationists” and “anti-tax” loonies who "threw their votes away" by writing in Ron Paul even when he wasn't on the ballot for president. Well perhaps we’re not so crazy now, eh? 

Ok, maybe that perception won't be changing anytime soon.

But it seems that it's getting pretty hard to tell just who is the biggest enemy of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, the Democratic Party or the Republican Party.  But in fact, it’s BOTH. 

And why is that?

Because they are on the same side, the side of Government, BIG Government. Both political parties are cut from the same cloth, two sides of the same coin. And as this election season heats up its becoming clearer of who wants the big government machine to stay in control.

This is why I’ve said that GW Bush and Barack Obama are essentially the same guy. They both spent too much money and signed big money, big government bills into law. Bush expanded Medicare with the Drug Benefit plan, signed the absurd No Child Left Behind act, doubled down on the "War on Drugs" ,oversaw never ending war once it had begun and generally spent like a sailor on shore leave. And the Republocrats applauded.

George H. Bush and Bill Clinton had the same boss too. And Ronald Reagan made a real bizarre decision when he granted amnesty to 20 million illegals. Out of character? Sure was but was it planned? 

This underscores the sameness of the administrations. The only difference lies in what groups each “Party” placates with sweetheart taxpayer money give-a-ways when it’s their turn to sit in the Presidents chair.

With the Democrats it’s the Social Services wing and the liberal college professors who reap the rewards and with the Republicans its “Law& Order” types who get the handouts like the Department of Corrections, the Police and The Military. Gotta keep those conflicts going whether it be foreign or domestic.  The “other side” will protest and then vote for it anyway and so the bill will pass. All part of the deal.

With this setup We the People get all sorts of inconvenient crap shoved down our throats like government sponsored abortions, one point nine gallon toilets, ObamaCare, Common Core, NSA listening posts, costly solar and wind power, bloated school lunch programs, our "look the other way" immigration efforts and last but not least, ETHANOL! The benefits of all these "important milestones" are illusionary to the public but are boons to the cronies who set up the businesses that benefit from the public funds and cheap, to them, labor.

But the Three Branches of government, the Democrats, the Republicans and the Media can all agree that they hate Trump and will do anything to derail his campaign. How can you buy a guy with loads of money? It burns.

The Government Media were all patting themselves on the back just last week when they felt they managed to portray him as anti-military just because he mentioned that John McCain wasn’t a war hero just because he was captured. He did actually say he was a war hero but that is of no importance when you’re trying to hold onto power. The thing they forgot however was that EVERYBODY is sick of John McCain and his bullshit , thinks he’s a king-sized jerk and suspects he’s also brain addled, which, of course, he is. So subsequently, nobody worth listening to came to McCain’s defense and Donald Trump’s polls continued to rise.

Just like President Lincoln did back in the Civil War where he dumped McClellan for U.S. Grant, the American People want someone who will fight. They want a leader who will stand with them and against the government bosses who pass laws the people don’t want and don’t want to pay for. They’re tired of the government shell game playing fast and loose with their money.  People see the boarders overrun the schools over run and their jobs leaving the country, their pay checks stay the same and their costs, especially taxes, increasing. They’re tired of being picked clean and being told to lump it.

It’s early yet and it’s still an open battle between The Government’s Candidate Jeb Bush and the people’s champion so far, Donald Trump. The ones who are taking shots at him are also showing themselves and their true colors. In order to attack Mr. Trump, his attackers must expose themselves as being opposed to the principles he's talking about and what he's talking about is what we've been missing in this country for a long time.

There are other strong candidates who also aren't for keeping things the way they are like Scott Walker, Carly Fiorina, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul who stand against the status quo but it’s clear that the major target of the government and their henchmen is not them. Until they start opening up, they will remain in a distant second place.

It is Donald Trump alone who has brought the government minions out into the open for all to see.

Now what are we going do about it?  

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