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Saturday, July 25, 2015

India Wants Money from Britain

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has praised a speech by Shashi Tharoor, a member of Britain's government who is of Indian decent, that called for Great Britain to pony up some dough to make amends for 200 years of British rule in India. 

Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

Good luck with that since, as Liberal as the Brits have become, they ain’t THAT Liberal! India has a better chance of seeing Vishnu than they do of seeing a Farthing of reparations from Great Britain.

Of course without the intervention by Great Britain way back when we’ll never know if the people of India would have overthrown the Raj by themselves and then have embarked on a course of self-determination. Such a thing would have probably happened eventually had they not since it always does eventually. The Pendulum never ceases to swing but at this point the world will never know.

The biggest crime I’d say the UK committed and the biggest hurdle that India had to overcome was that when Britain left, they didn’t do anything to show the natives how things were supposed to run. The Brits held onto power long enough for the people who remembered how to do things the old way were gone and not long enough for people to grasp the new way. Without the Empirical Knowledge associated with generations of people growing up in that system, well, these guys were lost. I mean really lost.

And the signs that they never quite got it right are everywhere.

Yep, India got stomped on by Great Britain. But who didn’t in those days? Ireland got stomped on too and worse. The Brits took all the food, drained their resources and left the poorer country folk to starve to death and they still occupy the Northern region of the country. There are a million Irish people on the bottom of the Atlantic. What’s that add up to at 25 bucks a head? Ireland could probably use the cash about now too.

But just because you think you deserve it, to expect such "justice" is to waste one's time since there is no shortage of people who got stomped on by somebody else. NOBODY, no race or country, has a monopoly on pain and there are few walking the Earth today that can claim a moral high ground with a straight face. I find the whole issue hilarious.

Before the Brits, the Vikings came and kicked Ireland's butt.  Oppression and servitude most surely followed. Should Ireland go after Norway now? If India thinks it has a case then so does Ireland.

And even before THAT we had to kiss Caesar’s ring. Celts ended up as slaves to the Romans. Italy is a broke-ass country now so nobody should bother with asking them BUT just because it happened 2000 years ago should Italy be able to claim a Statute of Limitation?

But Ireland will never ask for money. Why? Because the Irish are better and TOUGHER than that. The Irish, and this is most likely from shear habit and repetition, just pick themselves up, brush themselves off and keep living and moving forward.

Everybody in the world has been stomped on at some point on our way to the 21st Century and with leaders like we have today, we’re all poised for a second and in many cases third go around.

The early Romans got stomped on but then became the stompers. The Ancient Greeks did their share of stomping before being stomped upon themselves. The Persians stomped around for awhile, so did the Huns. The Christians and the Moors had a stomping contest and after Spain came out ahead they went across the ocean to stomp on the Aztecs and the Incas before England stomped them but good.

For a while there everybody was stomping on Africa, then Russia stomped on Finland, Czechoslovakia and Poland all the while stomping on themselves which may be a feat never equaled and are again stomping Ukraine. The Germans stomped on Europe TWICE, Japan stomped on China, China is currently stomping on Tibet, the U.S., after eking out a close win over England went on to stomp on Mexico, Hawaii and has made a career out of stomping around in the Middle East.

Australia stomped on the Aborigine and Canada is still looking for someone, ANYONE to stomp on since they got stomped the last time in 1812. There’s more stomping left un-chronicled I know but there are just so many hours in a day.

So what are you gonna do?  Nobody seems to have learned a damned thing.

So who are you going to ask for money? 

The Libertarian motto is: “Protect Yourself at All Times”.

Yes, I know, that’s from the Marquis de Queensbury’s rules for Boxing but it certainly applies to everybody. Who is in a better position to protect you than you? Some people are unclear on the concept and somehow believe that government will protect them, feed them and educate them. This “Wrong Thinking” needs correcting. You are not # 1 to government. You ain’t even # 2.

We’ve all had to pay some group or organization for protections whether it be a King, a Duke, a Lord, A Dictator, a Raj, a Prime Minister or a President. The problem arises when we come to a point where we need somebody else to protect US from THEM and this will always fall to the people themselves.

So when times start to suck, an independent person will figure out the steps they need to take to protect themselves and their loved ones under the circumstances that have been thrust upon them. They’ll stash some hard currency in a place they can get to it if they need it, they’ll buy some gold, they’ll put away a month or two of dry goods to get by in the event of shortages and they’ll buy a gun and ammo to protect it all if the shit should hit the fan.

What they won’t do is blame someone else for their problems and beg money for perceived past wrongs. That is not the Libertarian Way, that is the Liberal Way and the way of no accountability for one’s actions. Depending on government will only keep you a peasant.

We all get a chance in this world but with the way things are in a world of cultural and economic disparity, SOMEBODY is going to get the short end of the stick. We may not all get a square deal in life but we all have options and choices and nobody, not entirely, is holding a gun to anybody’s head when it comes to many of the chances we take and choices we make. Only ONE person owns you.

You can vote with your emotions, vote with your logic or vote with your feet and it’s the combination of these actions, by millions of people every day that determine the course of human history. You can stand and fight and you can cut and run. That part is up to you. It's your choice.

India should just toughen up. 

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