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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Message to European Union: Don’t Do It!

Message to EU: Don’t Bail Out Greece...again!

How many times are you guys going to fall for this Scam? Greece is Grifting the European Union AGAIN! Please wise up and snap out if it. You'll feel so much better later. 

The Greek Madhouse they call a Parliament has pushed the EU’s major player(s), meaning Germany to the brink and then pulled back far enough to draw them in again because NOW the Greeks feel that they can comply with the EUs financial demands IF they can get, this time, a five year bailout deal. 

Does anybody see where this is going? 

These guys in the EU have got to have rocks in their heads if they are going to part with any more of their taxpayer’s dough. After all the money that they’ve already put into Greece with NO return, none!

How desperate and foolish the EU will look. First with even trying to make a deal at this late hour in a pie-in-the-sky Hail Mary pass and then the foolish part comes later when they again have the football pulled from underfoot just as they were about to kick it as Greece plays Lucy to the EUs Charlie Brown.

Do we have to continue to bear witness to this, the world’s longest running drama and this latest “Will she, won’t she” episode that, although it was years in the making, it's so boring to watch.

The European Union ought to just throw in the towel on a bailout plan and chalk it all up to an expensive education by the Commie Greek Nut-jobs that they should have known  better than to get involved with. The EU ministers mothers were all heard to say “ See? I TOLD you not to play with those kids!”. They should have listened to mother.

If the EU won’t take into consideration it's own well-being and the quality of life for their own taxpayers, perhaps they can do ME a favor and get on with the business of getting Greece out of the EU sooner than later. It’s NOT going to get any better. Just more years of  talks and catered lunches, first class flight accommodations and black limousine rides with Television cameras and people asking the same stupid question over and over, "What has this crisis got to do with Global Warming?". Maybe I'm wrong, maybe this sort of thing is something the self-important rulers of Europe never get tired of. Hell, it beats digging a ditch!

So if not for you, do it for me. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put me out of my misery. If this Dog and Pony show goes on any longer, I don’t think I’m gonna survive. How can you all do this day after day and get nothing done for YEARS?

It’s like watching some YouTube video of "Russians doing Crazy Shit". I want to live my life in peace but I just can’t  look away. Everyone can see it coming except the guy in the video. What was that guy thinking? How long will he be able to hold on?

You've been warned.

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