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Friday, July 7, 2017

Wasting Time In Hamburg, Germany

It isn’t like the Anti-Capitalist Anarchists are ever going to win. But if they ever do, they’ll be the first to starve.

This giant mob of people who have all the time in the world and no jobs have descended upon Hamburg, Germany to bust up the city and to “protest” all their bosses at the G20 Summit. Do they really believe the dumb shit they're spouting? It's hard to believe that they would. Who knows? 

Who cares? 

It’s just a Dog & Pony Show. It isn’t like it really means anything. If people don’t show up to protest, are these people important? Perhaps these G20 "power brokers" bus in this mob to add legitimacy to what they are “doing” since what they are ultimately doing is nothing. 

Nothing will happen, nothing will change. They all stood up there applauding the Paris Accord with absolute no intention of lifting a finger to comply with it’s impossible demands. Like our last President…what’s his name, they all just stand up in front of the cameras and claim that they “did” this. Time to celebrate!

It isn't like what they are sitting around eating cracked crab over is actually important. 

So how important is the G20 anyway? 

Since its inception in 2008, has the world changed much? Really?

There’s still a hand in your pocket and the economy still sucks. People are trying to hold onto their last buck and there are still wars raging, people killing themselves and others and people succeeding and failing on their own merits and imperfections without the help or hindrance of government. 

And we all end up dead. 

Events like the G20 happen when entrenched Politicians get so comfortable and convinced of their sovereignty that they really do think they can control the weather.

The G20 is all just a show not to be taken seriously. It’s a fabulously fraudulent black tie and red carpet affair with a backdrop of central casting fill-ins throwing bricks so that newspaper people can write about how the world is going to hell, working people can look at, point, shake their heads and declare how the world is going to hell and for thinking people just ignore it. 

There are things that are never going to change no matter how much Politicians talk about them, attempt to regulate and pass laws over, or otherwise seek to govern. In this case what the G20 is always talking about is changing human nature and it’s just not going to happen. The Market is the Market and nothing about it is stoppable given the right product and the right buyer. Drugs? Can't stop them. Greed? Can't regulate it. Desire and Want?  Never going away. The Weather? You get the point. 

You can’t make a free market fair. There are going to be poor people and rich people. You regulate a financial market and it becomes less financial. That is not a good thing and that’s why nobody really wants to do such a thing and it doesn’t matter how many people are out throwing bricks through a Starbucks window, it won't change the motivation.

And really, what does the G20 ever really gotten done? This year the topics will be “Global Climate Warming Change”...ok, next. "To rectify inequalities and instabilities throughout the World"…ok, next. "Major countries taking more responsibility in making the world safer"…ok, next.

That's it, we're out of ideas.

The relevance of the G20 is pretty much the same as the United Nations. Lots of money spent, zero results. The world just doesn't work the way these people pretend it does. The Leftist Media, the Leftist Politicians and the Leftists who vote for them think that if they force enough of these "reforms" on people, the world will change when in fact only the people forced to comply will change their behavior and circumvent the unnatural laws. That's why the Declaration of Independence states that these rights outlined therein are "inalienable". Look it up.

I've been thinking that perhaps the real purpose of the G20 serves is as one of those rolling economic engines that travel about from place to place bringing attention, money and economic activity to where ever it is they land. Like the Tour de France or like what The Grateful Dead were in their musical heyday.

The Dead would roll into a town followed by 20,000 Dead Heads who would camp, stay in hotels, eat in the restaurants, buy the concert tickets, sell t-shirts, sell drugs etc and generally bring in heaping wads o’ cash into any town the band played in. The police would have a field day towing cars, arresting people under the influence, writing tickets for erratic driving and, of course, working traffic details. The Grateful Dead meant big money everywhere they went.

That’s the G20. All these mobs of people who either don’t have jobs or that perhaps protesting IS their job come into town and need food, places to sleep, ride the train, fight the police who are on overtime and if you’re an insurance adjuster, water cannon manufacturer, a pepper spray or gas mask manufacturer, well Hamburg is a Boom-Town! And money for black clothing, face-hiding bandannas, incendiary devices and "Vengeance" masks has to come from somewhere. Those "protesters" have money!

But ultimately, nothing gets done for all involved. The mob doesn't get their Chaos and the Pols don't get their Order. Once the concert is over everybody gets on the next train or piles into the van for the next stop on the tour and once the season is over, everybody goes home to recuperate, laugh about the narrow escapes and make travel plans for the next get together. 

It's all just part of the game.  

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