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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The NSA: Keeping America Safe from Angela Merkel

We can all sleep more soundly in our beds with the knowledge that the multi-billion dollars spent on the National Security Agency is well worth it so that Angela Merkel won’t be sneaking into the country to carry out her nefarious evil deeds upon an unsuspecting American public.
Our government’s most prominent anti-terrorist organization has taken the necessary steps to insure that Ms. Merkel , along with a reported 35 other world leaders, will not pose a terrorist threat to the United States.
Does anyone actually believe that the NSA is not doing the same thing to the American people? If millions of phone conversations in France, Spain, Brazil and Germany are being monitored, how could the government not monitor communications in the U.S.?  They are supposed to have a warrent here and they're supposed to have probable cause but that means nothing any more. We're told that the White House just didn't know about it, that's all.
And who believes that tight-ass of a president didn’t know about it? The same person who couldn’t delegate the reading of an 1-800 number on TV for his cratering Affordable Care Act and who has the last word on pushing the button on one of our Drones to bring death from above to Middle Eastern terrorists and civilians alike isn’t going to know? Sure he knows.
And yet, according to the administration, they never saw Bengazi coming. Let’s ask Ambassador Stevens about how safe he feels with the NSA monitoring phones and computers. Wait, you can’t, HE’S DEAD!

Let's ask U.S. Boarder Patrol Agent Brian Terry how safe he feels that the U.S. Department of Justice is doing all they can to protect our agents on the U.S. boarder with Mexico. Oh snap! You can't 'cause HE'S DEAD TOO!

What else will Obama and "his people" claim they don't know about?
The NSA and its sister groups the CIA and the FBI are all in place to do one thing first and foremost and that is to keep the people who are currently in power, in power.  This is why they’d rather tap millions of devices in Spain, Germany, Brazil and Russia than find out where all those guns they let walk across the Mexican border went to and who was behind it. Those people are to be protected.
Is protecting the American public really the NSA's top priority?

Who will protect us from them?
Perhaps this is why, as more and more people are growing dissatisfied in this country about the way the present administration is treating private enterprise and squelching individual freedom, that the national policing agencies have become more aggressive towards the citizenry. One need only look at the “non-government shutdown” where the National Parks Service and other “cop” agencies just closed parks and the businesses on them for the sole purpose to inflict pain upon the American Taxpayer who wanted to frequent them. An especially smart thing to do given the current state of the economy. But it wasn't about being smaret, they just wanted you to know that it’s THEY that control access and you…do not. Ditto concerning your privacy.
But it looks like the cat is out of the bag about the United States ambitious attempt at becoming the worlds new evil empire despite an 11th hour charge by the National Media outlets that are printing accounts of how other countries are spying on us also. Too late.
So once again it's the United States that proves the biggest threat to the United States, the biggest casualty being our credibility. How does it look now when we condemn hackers from around the world and it turns out we’re hacking almost every device on the plant, certainly every wireless device.
Thanks to Edward Snowden, everybody knows. The problem now is what are we going to do about it?

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