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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Karma Bites Big Government Healthcare in the Ass

A funny thing happened on the way to the takeover of the American Economy...The Totalitarians forgot that they don’t know how to do it.
Just like when would-be Captain Hillary tried to take over back in 1993 and then realized she couldn’t actually fly the USS Enterprise, the Imperial President has been shown what happens when ideology slams into that hard stone and unforgiving surface called: Reality.

They say Karma never loses an address and right now it’s hitting 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500 pretty hard.
And why not since what the Obama Regime and their cadre of Communist traitors to the American Way deserve everything the thinking American is currently powerless to give them: Some Comeuppance.

But it’s not like anyone will actually lose their job over it or that anything will change in the short run. In the Obama government there is no accountability, only excuses.
We all know that this government’s idea of success is not in the execution of any of their counter-intuitive Communist programs; it is only that they come into existence and in this case that driving the best healthcare system the world has yet to witness into the ground is not the point.
The point is that they were able to force you into it like it or not.
That National Healthcare doesn’t work and will never work is no longer the government’s problem. The law as passed does not apply to them or their Bolshevik brethren so it’s now OUR problem.

But the longer this goes on the more will be affected just the same. As hospitalization becomes more and more dangerous, people will stay away. As hospitalization becomes more and more expensive, the people who still have to pay will stay away. As more and more doctors come from Third World hell holes, EVERYONE will stay away unless they’re so sick they figure a 50/50 chance at survival is now good odds.  Just think about all the good those Cuban doctors did for Hugo Chavez.
National Health Care will ensure that there will be a two tiered healthcare system just like the one England has: Those that have money pay for good care. Those that don’t take their chances in the standard sub-standard Death Spiral known as the National Health System. Good doctors will become very hard to find and will be able to name their price outside the system. 

Only people like millionaire Canadian Premier Danny Williams, who headed south for his heart surgury rather than have the procedure done in a Canadian facility, will be able to afford to go to a good U.S. hospital. The rest of us will have...less.

Technological advances will be sacrificed to the bottom line since the system will quickly become cash poor. The Massachusetts model and the reason Mitt Romney lost the last presidental election, has never been in the Black. The only reason it's still running is because Governor Deval Patrick, a close personal friend of Mr. Obama, has thrown ever increasing resources at it on one end while trying to keep spending down on the other. It isn't working since the Massachusetts tax rate keeps increasing to keep up with MassHealth's expenditures. Co-pays and Deductibles for the people paying into health insurance plans continue to climb and have doubled in as little as four years. RomneyCare has made Massachusetts the most expensive state in the union for healthcare while emergency room visits and wait-times for doctor visits have increased. No, there is no cure in RomneyCare.  

There is no free lunch and you can’t give anything away for free for long. To defy this most basic economic rule is like attempting to defy gravity. You will ALWAYS fall back to Earth.  
The Obama government is trying to keep secret the numbers and the money it’s giving away for the Food Stamp program, the Welfare Program, the School Lunch Program and all the subsidies it’s issuing to who knows where and for how long. When this all sees the light of day, it will be astounding. Then we’ll have to put up with the same crap that we heard during the 2007 collapse: How could this happen?

Pul-eeze! It hasn’t happened yet and I’m already tired of it.
So now the latest pie-in-the-sky plan that never was intended to actually help anybody but the government cronies and their big business providers has come to fruition. Well, sort of.

The plan everybody knew would crash and burn is crashing and burning. But there is no pleasure to take from this since it’s not going to go away any time soon unless businesses and people openly defy this law. They should defy this law but will they have the balls to risk being shut down?
It will take companies: insurance companies, healthcare providers, large businesses and small to just decide to not comply.

Everyone affected will either need to raise a stink or just walk away so that the NEXT President of the United States will actually have to do something about it since Lord knows the Obama will do nothing while people live in fear of having no healthcare and of having that All-American terror group, the IRS, come for what they have left after what they've already taken for taxes.
President Obama, who has never eve run a hot dog stand yet has managed to become president will continue to spend money the nation has not made for the next two plus years and then pass the whole mess he’s made along to someone else and go down in history as the only president to never submit a budget for the nation despite there being a law that says he is supposed to.

Though we didn’t need any more evidence, the latest avoidable turmoil thrust upon this nation at the hands of the president only underscores that he, Barak Obama, is a failure of epic proportions and history will eventually be allowed to reveal the real extent of it. He never had a plan because he never thought he’d actually get this far but here he is and we’re stuck with him for at least the next two years.
You never know, depending on how the 2014 elections go in the House of Representatives, we could see Obama declare he’ll run for a third term. If the Political Left manages to gain a majority in the House I can see him declare that “There’s more to be done, I’m not finished yet!”

I wouldn’t put it past him.  

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