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Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Government Empire Strikes Back

With the government shutdown it has become clear just how dangerous and vindictive our government has become.
By shutting down enterprises even remotely linked to the government in violation of the law and their leases, the government of the United States has shown it is more willing to punish its citizens than to listen to or even help them. This is no longer the point of their existence.

Government autobots have been given their marching orders and have carried them out to the letter in order to give the government shutdown more of an impact than it would have otherwise. They are trying to justify their existance since we know well more than half of them are not necessary. But they are now carrying on an aggressive campaign against the people who have the nerve to go to work every goddamed day to pay the taxes to pay their salaries. These are the acts of the truely depraved and desparate.

Perhaps this is how terror networks start. The government minions can just come and throw up a sign in front of your business and declare it closed and what are you going to do about it? There is nothing, now, that you can do about it except risk arrest and prosecution for trespassing upon your own enterprise.
This underlines an issue that has been griped about for ages in this nation: That you don’t really get to own anything anymore. Even though the businesses that leased the land from the U.S. Government have a legally binding lease, they were still shut down because the “landlord” simply decides to do so. The government is in violation of the law and of the lease they signed but so what? You’re out because “We Say So!”

But it is all in keeping with the growing trend in the government and it takeover of private enterprise and it’s intrusion into the comings and goings of law-abiding American Citizens.

The government’s spying, paranoia and militarization of local police forces should not be tolerated. Its actions to restrict access to public works and lands THAT THE PEOPLE HAVE PAID for should not be entertained or explained away.
The government is coming after us, the taxpaying U.S. Citizen and the shutdown only underscores its intentions and abilities to shut people out of the political process and participatory recourse.  
But like every totalitarian regime, the most intense scrutiny and repression falls upon the free citizen and not the illegal, the immoral and the criminal. Police the good people and let the rest slide to impose terror and divisive anarchy upon the masses. This is the United States today.

But what can you, as a Citizen do?

If you aren’t willing or find it useless to join a Tea Party group you can still do other things to fight.
  • Don’t go back to government. Boycott it where ever you can and certainly stop giving them your time and your money. 
  •  Skip your hunting or fishing license this year.
  • Check your W-2 and declare 1 or 2 if you’ve declared zero. This puts more money in your pocket and not the governments. Don't use the IRS as a savings plan.
  • Make plans for a modest Christmas with less spending.  
  • Cross the border into a less taxed state for purchases.
  • Use Online Bill-Pay through your bank instead of using the U.S. Postal Service.
  • Avoid the Sales Tax whenever you can by using online secondary market tools like Craigslist.
Anything you knock off your spending also knocks off the tax that goes to the Town, State and Federal Government. It may be a little to you but it adds up. Reduce your "tax footprint". 

Check this: There is a $10.00 tax in the city of Boston per car rental transaction. There is also a parking surcharge of $2.00 per day. Meals taxes can be upwards of 7% of the cost of the meal in any town in Massachusetts. Think about that when you're on your morning coffee run. Think! Gas is taxed at $ .42 per gal ($ .18 to the Feds). Hotel/Motel rooms are taxed at 8.75% in Boston.  It’s a $ 25.00 flat fee in NYC per night. Look up the rates on your local Department of Revenue website and see what their take is on your money.
This doesn’t mean going without, it means being wiser with a buck. You’re going to need it anyway in the future.

Refuse to participate in government. Don't cooperate. Skip the census, jury duty and don’t answer demographic questions from government on forms. Refuse to shake a politician’s hand when campaigning. You aren’t free and he’s only campaigning to get on the government gravy train. Don’t back these guys just because they say they’re on your side, ignore them all because, lets face it, they're lying to your face.
Our parents and grandparents sacrificed through the first Great Depression and World War II. They withstood shortages, quotas, alternate day purchases, gas rationing and the lack of goods to help the war effort, for years!

We, on the other hand, have experienced NONE of this and what we consider suffering and sacrifice these days is not having a good connection on our iPad or the cable is on the blink and we can’t watch The Game.
If you can’t manage to go without a fishing license for ONE SEASON or cutting cable or delaying the payments of your medical bills, esentially taking SOME kind of monetary action, then SIT DOWN and SHUT UP. If you are unwilling to cut back for even a little while then it’s obviously not important to you and perhaps you should just GO FISH.

Put your money where your mouth is. Don't pay for a government that abuses you. What good is complaining if you are unwilling to provide anything but Lip Service?
Live it. Tell your friends. Starve the Beast.

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