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Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Republic’s Last Stand

The holdout Tea Party Republicans are staging a stand for the Republic of the United States. They lose here and there’s no reason to believe they will ever get another chance.
With the government subsidizing minority populations, non-working populations and illegal immigration which as Ronald Reagan so popularly said: “Whatever the government subsidizes, we get more of”.

The biggest mistake of Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign was when he said; “We’re going to put the country back to work!” And then they made the distressing discovery that there are a great many people living in the United States these days that don’t want to do just that. Why work when the difference between working and not working has become rather small. People are finding that if they make less, they will receive more from the government. That’s a hell of a voting block they’ve created.
The biggest threat to the individual freedoms of the American people right now is the over reach of the government, it's disregard of the U.S. Constition and it's flagship takeover program, The  oxymoronic Affordable Care Act and everybody who cares even a little bit knows it.

As we can see by the government’s reaction to the so called “Shutdown”, they have taken control of all the public lands and even though they were set aside for “future generations” and for the American people to enjoy, it doesn’t look like this confiscated land is going to be used by anybody but the U.S. government into perpetuity. The government has made no bones about it, these lands are THEIR lands and, surprise, you were never entitled to them and are now not even allowed to LOOK at them unless they say so, so SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN! Call in the guards!
These are the King’s Lands now and you have no right to them even though you PAID for them. This is where our government is today; right back to where we were with King George the 3rd and his haughty Parliament.
This also is just a dress rehearsal for when they can assert control over the public streets to the point where they can keep you confined to your state, your town and even your home. But this assumption is preposterous, surely that can't happen here, right?
So with this all in mind, the lone holdouts in the government right now are the Tea Party candidates trying to keep the rest of the GOP honest. There will not be another chance beyond the discord that will follow after the collapse of the economy and the government to follow. The only question now is when this will happen since the government can keep kicking bricks under the pyramid for maybe even another decade. But the house will fall.

And what kind of life can we expect to be living through the next decade?  Yes, better to fight now and risk the entire nation to collapse economically than to be nickel and dimed to death and drained of our individual resources slowly over the next ten years. The EU and other U.S. debt holders have already been calling for increased “revenue enhancement” in the face of the nation’s mounting debts. And where is THAT money going to come from? Why the U.S. taxpayer that’s who. Like the tax burden isn’t high enough already and with the price increases that nobody seems to be talking about, the situation is shaping up into a Death by a Thousand Cuts. The Middle Class, the people who work, are being drained of its resources and everybody in government has their hand in our pockets.  
But the kicker is they’re just strong arming us more and more. We are denied access to government and the lands they occupy and we don’t have the right to question it, we only have the right to PAY.

So let’s live and die on this new battlefield right now. In a purely figurative sense, it's better to die with our boots on rather than living on our knees because once we’re all flat broke, we won’t have a leg to stand on.
So go for broke boys since we're on our way there anyway.

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