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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Trump is the Target

Don’t let anybody kid you. It’s not Donald Trump who is “targeting” people like Fox News’s establishment talking head Megyn Kelly or Univision’s Latino Apparatchik Jorge Ramos, it’s quite the opposite really, THOSE networks are targeting HIM.

The new spin is that Donald Trump is too VOLATILE. He’s TARGETING people. He has a PERSONAL VENDETTA for these people. He's a BULLY, ganging up on people who dare to ask him a question. Therefore he’s not fit to lead, right? I mean, president Obama's administration hasn't demonstrated any personal vendettas against anybody, hmmm? Try getting a tax exemption for your conservative non-profit group sometime. 

So Jorge Ramos just stands up at the Trump presser and just starts firing questions off when he wasn’t called upon and like he was the only “journalist” in the room.  He wasn’t even waiting for answers because he just kept shouting questions. That's because he wasn't there for answers to his questions. He was only there to cause a scene. That was his job. That was what he was told to do by “his people”. And now he is the target because Trump called him on it and fired back?

Jorge Ramos is a Leftist’s Leftist. He’s not a journalist, he’s an activist and as objective as a cop at a drug bust. This man earns his bones by advocating for the legitimizing of millions of people who have entered this country illegally and who are drawing resources paid for and meant for American Citizens. If he were alive today, Che Guevara would probably think Jorge Ramos a bit extreme. 

When asked point blank by Ann Coulter about how many Mexicans in this country would be enough, Mr. Ramos couldn’t answer the question, he refused. It is apparent that Jorge Ramos and his bosses at Univision want an open border with Mexico. He wants unfettered access to the American Welfare Support System for all South Americans, nothing less.

AND Mr. Ramos has pledged that he can remain objective as a professional even though his daughter works for Hillary Clinton’s election campaign. Does anybody actually believe this bullshit?

We already know that Megyn Kelly was positioned to derail Donald Trump in the first debate. Yet it is Donald Trump who is singling out these people?

It makes no sense.

It is they that fired the first shot and now they’re upset that it didn’t work the way the schemed it up in the morning meetings. Well, Shee-it!

So it’s back to the drawing board for the establishment party and speaking of which, Jeb Bush, the establishment candidate, has surprisingly come down on the side of Jorge Ramos. Well, who knew?!

Mr. Bush said that these “journalists” should be “treated with a little more respect”. Of course Jeb (is it disrespectful to call him “Jeb”?) has also praised Megyn Kelly as the most professional journalist on cable news. Not a real deep pool to be fishing in there. 

And while I’m at it, who names their kid “Megyn” with a "y"? It’s “Meghan” for Christ’s sake. It looks so dumb when you read it.

People who are tired of establishment candidates will pull the lever for Donald Trump. The more they target him, the more obvious it is to the general public that they are targeting him. The more they try to discredit the people who believe in him or the more they try to discredit him, the more it works in his favor. People are tired of being played for suckers by establishment politicians.

Politicians have joined forces to continuously lie to the American people and making promises they have never intended to keep. All they are interested in is their own joy. They love the Gravy Train and never want to get off and certainly don’t want anybody else to board their one party grift mill.

But the train has gone off the rails and a professional politician haven't proven to be able to solve the problems other professional politicians have caused. I’m always astounded at people who want to turn to the very same government to fix something that they had botched in the first place. These people who complained that the government has “fucked things up”  and then having elected a new candidate that did nothing to change things, then want to return to yet another professional politician in the hopes that THIS one will finally do the people's bidding and fix the problem.


This is what happens when you think you need government to do something you could better do for yourself. 

We don’t need another establishment pol and the citizenry has lost all trust in the ability of the current incumbency. 

So when The Government sics their media lapdogs on a candidate that shows promise, it’s plain to everyone and it’s plain now that this is what is happening right now.  Megyn Kelly and Jorge Ramos are  cut from the same cloth and they serve the same master.

But the spinmeisters are at it 24/7 right now trying to cook up another angle to discredit Donald Trump. They are puzzling and puzzling until their puzzlers are soar. But there is plenty of time.

This sort of thing always reminds me of that movie from 1993 with Michael Douglas “Falling Down”. Douglas plays this middle-aged guy, he’s on his way to work one morning and he just gets fed up with the traffic and walks away from his car. He sees hypocrisy in the highway department paving the same road over and over and he is set upon by gang members but turns the tables on them. He is tired of items being misrepresented to him, of the open corruption of the system and reacts the way many people would have wanted to react to the same situation. You start to root for this character, Foster, and you find yourself identifying with him as he lashes out against circumstances needlessly thrown in his way by the accepted established norms. By the time the movie is almost over, you are thinking that Foster is your hero. People in the theater even cheered. 

But wait…it’s all a sham. Foster, we are told at the end, is a laid off defense worker who is in the middle of a divorce and has “Lost it”. He’s gone crazy, see? And Foster ends up getting killed trying to see his daughter that he is deemed too crazy to be allowed to see even though he was rational enough to the casual movie goer for 99% of the movie.

And the lesson of this giant downer Cop Out of an ending is: If you don’t like what’s going on, and you want to do something about it, you must be NUTS! You obviously aren’t right in the head if you actually think you want to do something about the way things are in this country since it should be obvious to you that you can't. If you think this way you should be SHUNNED. So shut up and sit down!

Worst movie ever.  

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