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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Hating Donald Trump

There is a new sweeps stakes that has overtaken the United States. There is now no shortage of groups that are offended at what Donald Trump has said about just about anything. Just this morning Mr. Trump was coming down for breakfast when he said to an attendant “Good Morning” at which the attendant immediately contacted The Huffington Post and complained that Trump had belittled him.

The disdain and fear is palpable in regards to Donald Trump’s candidacy for the presidency of the country.  Not by regular people, oh no, regular people find that Trump is saying what they are thinking. It’s the National Media that has taken up the mantle of protecting the prevailing status quo from a man most threatening as Trump.

Stupid Questions

Why, with the nation over a full year of domestic production in DEBT, Visigoths overrunning our borders and killing American citizens, unfathomable foreign policy stupidity and deceit at every step and markets falling all around us, would we care to know a candidates position on same sex marriage? Or a quote from a television show?  It’s all a diversion, all a stall and mostly just a chance to draw out the debate, give us nothing to hang a real opinion on, sell advertising and to play up the role and stature of the moderators asking the questions. It’s really all about THEM don’t you know.

Fox Media Exposed

Not only has Donald Trump exposed the One Party ruling class that has run the United States for far too long, his popularity has also brought Fox News and their undercover government lackeys into sharp focus by the American People. I never bought what they were selling since they would always have Al Sharpton on and call him "Reverend" and ask him questions like he was a legitimate leader of the black community and not the snake oil salesman that he is and has always been. Ditto for that philandering embezzler Jesse Jackson. I never cared to know about what he thought of a race situation. All I wanted to know was how much money did he funnel out of the Rainbow Coalition to put up his baby mama while he was still married to his wife. Now THAT'S a story! FOX never asked him THOSE questions.

Then there are the inflated egos of these phoney-balonies, especially those of Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly and the "Holier than Thou" Bret Baier whom I can't stand not only to listen to but just to gaze upon his righteous face and that JFK Jr haircut makes me want to kick in my fabulously expensive flat screen. "Anything Lord, I will do anything just to wipe that smirk off his face! Just give me a sign and I will make it so!"

Hence, I have long stopped watching television "news" since there is so little truth or substance to it these days and that "fair and balanced" tagline is just that, a misrepresenting Moniker for Morons. FOX has stepped into the light and the American People see them for what they are; just another group of pompous and paid-for Tools! And now you know.

There was a good reason that a record 24 million people tuned into the GOP debate this past week. It is because THEY want a candidate with principle and not another water boy for the aging and antiquated GOP Republocratic ticket. The last thing the American public wants to see is the Dynastic and Entitled Jeb Bush get the Republican nomination and if the viewing public was anything like myself, they tuned in to see him FAIL and Mr. Trump PREVAIL over a stacked deck.

And for the most part, he did prevail although there were others who showed they have what it takes to lead. Rand Paul taking that Buffoon Chris Christie to task for his lack of a Constitutional belief system was a standout moment. But it is Mr.Trump who is the lighting rod of the avarice of the government media and how he takes it and fires back will be the tail of Election 2016

The American people see what is going on and we shall see how they react to the skewed treatment of one candidate in comparison to the whole. Of course, the media hates, with a few exceptions, ALL the Republican candidates but they must shoot down Trump first.

No News From Google

Pull up right now and you know what you will see? Articles from the Usual Suspects of skewed reporting at the top of the page. It will be something like The Huffington Post, Reuters, the LA Times, New York Times or CNN now outraged about “whatever”.  It’s all the same stuff I wouldn’t read anyway and all it takes is a quick glance at the headlines and it’s off to,, the NY Post or the SavageNation.  There is nothing of substance to be had on Google News. 

The Future

Better hope Donald Trump stays in the race. If the government run media succeeds in knocking him out of the race, they can knock ANYBODY out of ANY race and all that will be left to most Americans is to buy a gun and start keeping it close by. The only thing we can do should Trump get pushed out of the race or excluded from future debates is to go on strike. Stop participating and start preparing for the worst because the worst is going to happen since our system of government has been destroyed and Trump’s exit will be our proof. It was reported that at least 3 million registered Republican voters stayed home during the last presidential election which put the incumbent, Barack Obama, back into the White House. If Trump is forced out of the race and the people get, say, Jeb Bush, that number would probably be quadrupled. 

Under the next president, if the American Public does not get a viable choice in who that person is, and perhaps even if we do since things have gone quite far out of hand, could very well be the one to oversee the domino effect of State and Municipal Bankruptcies, crumbling markets, stratifying States and a national decline in growth and civility. Now who would you want that person to be? Jeb Bush? Hillary Clinton? Hahaha! We're DOOMED!

We see States crumbling around us and it’s a bit of a delusion to think it’s not going to happen here at home given the financial predicament we have been put in by an all-grasping government. It will turn the term "Prepper" from being an example of paranoia to a smart way of thinking. 

Won’t be pretty. 

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