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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Crazed NY Mayor Disconnects From Reality, Endorses President Obama

One need not look any farther, indeed, if one should need more proof of how disconnected from mainstream realities Mayor for Life; Michael Bloomberg is. He just has no idea. He goes to his board meetings, checks his bank account, goes to his office and goes home with no inkling of what the real problems are and how they are to be solved.

The news is that it looks like Michael Bloomberg has taken a sidetrack in his excellency's most glorious efforts to ban the 64 oz. Soda in NYC to tilt at yet another windmill: Global Warming.

Oops, I meant “Climate Change”. I forgot that it’s not called Global Warming anymore. It’s called “Climate Change” now since it’s been proven 100 times over that the planet is not getting warmer.
There have been plenty of scientists who’ve shot holes through the “Climate Change” ruse too but as long as the Political Left still act like it’s a real thing and broadcast it daily on NPR and other government run media organizations, well I guess we’ll continue to hear about it.

So with the Federal Government spending itself into default, companies continuing to close or laying off thousands of workers to join the millions of people already out of work, regulations strangling the businesses that remain, Increased taxes looming, people who are working going years without a raise, States ability to hold up its bloated public workforces dwindling at the resultant drop in tax revenue, a crumbling infrastructure and failure at every level of our government, what monumental cause does Mayor Michael Bloomberg choose to champion?
Climate Change!

That’s the biggest cause of the country's problems in Mayor Bloomberg’s Ivory Tower.
Who still thinks this man is a rational human being?

New York is facing a $6 Billion dollar bill for the latest Tropical Storm Turned Campaign Issue: Sandy. How does one get the government to turn up the printing press to get New York the dough? What have they got left to sell? I know, endorse Obama for re-election! Yay, we’re saved!
So Mayor Bloomberg has taken his neatly pressed Brown Shirt out of the closet to march along with the Global Warm…I mean Climate Change crowd to now hail Obama. Hail Obama!

And like everybody else who is either endorsing or voting for President Obama this time around, Bloomberg can't think of a good reason other than to say that it’s President Obama who recognizes this looming threat to the world and that Mitt Romney just hasn't embraced the cause. Talk about pulling an excuse out of your ass!
This is the best this guy can come up with? Somebody throw a net over him already. It's really hard to listen to.

This country needs a better environment alright. A better environment for BUSINESS! Especially small business. Because right now it STINKS! And the reason it stinks is people like Bloomberg who either don't know or don’t care about what anybody else but themselves are doing, saying or thinking.

Climate change?  

Are you shittin me?!!

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