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Sunday, November 4, 2012

National Media “All In” For Obama

Everywhere you look there’s a dig at Mitt Romney. All media circles on the Internet have captions either proclaiming some gaff by Romney or some new accolade for the President.

Reuter’s, The Associated Press, NPR and MSN have always been in the bucket for Obama with their over-the-top gushing for everything Obama and overt bashing of everything Tea Party and Republican but every link is directly connected to something praising “our dear leader” or mentioning some slip on a banana peel by his “most disloyal opponent”.  They are all compromised in some fashion whether it’s a link or a directly published article. Quite frankly it’s disgusting how soundly these outfits have been bought and paid for by the government machine. 
Look at what's out there now on every outlet except for The Savage Nation and The Drudge Report. 
Google news is a great example because none of there so called “news” links have anything promising to say about Mitt Romney. None. There are no links with anything good to say about the presidential hopeful? I’ll bet there is, somewhere. But Google, for all their eggheads working there, can’t seem to come up with one. How strange.

Bottom line is that there are no longer any trusted news sources on the national level. If they can’t be trusted to bring you the news or even give us the real time line on the Bengazi consulate attack, then there is not a word to be believed in ANY of their content. You are on your own as a truth consumer. You’ll just have to go find it yourself and not rely on big media “News”. You’d be a fool to do so. Every story is suspect.
I think Mitt Romney fell for the latest news “plant” where Jeep “announced” they were moving production to China. Mitt’s people pounced on it but then Jeep came out and said they were doing nothing of the sort, in fact they were going to create more jobs in Detroit and that Mitt was lying about the whole thing. This smacks of a set-up. This is what the truth is up against in this country.

So what we have is a propaganda machine that has seen few rivals in the history of the world and will perhaps be the envy of Statists and Dictators everywhere.
So while you’re watching the Evening “news” on TV and thinking how wonderful we are to live in a free society, I’d say you should think again.

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