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Friday, November 9, 2012

Libertarians Unite

Yes I know that’s what is known as a Libertarian oxymoron since Libertarians are notorious non-joiners.
But the many individuals that make up the Libertarian consciousness have made an impact on this presidential election. It wasn’t an election that the Democrat won or the Republican would have won, it was an election where both parties lost.

Let’s take a look.
We had an incumbent president with a below 50% approval rating, presiding over a nation with a real unemployment rate of around 15% and whose wanton patronage of the Public Sector has now all but guaranteed the bankruptcy of this nation. The only boon to the economy president Obama has presided over is that the sale of guns has gone through the roof.

Then there is Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachusetts who, as a businessman, managed to balance the state budget and put in place the Rainy Day fund that the now Governor, Deval Patrick, will rely on to keep the budget in balance since his management of the state has been less than stellar. But for all the good Romney has done with business and saving the Salt Lake City Olympics, he has tried too hard to be everything to everybody most of the time. His image as one sympathetic to big business did not help him and he never rose above a 50% approval rating either.
It was the Republican Party that has most resisted change this election cycle. Instead of embracing the masses of Tea Party groups that sprang up with the passage of the National Healthcare Initiative, the GOP fought them tooth and nail and even abandoned Tea Party candidates who were voted in as GOP candidates.

Neither did they embrace the Libertarians out there especially Ron Paul who, as the pillar of Libertarian principles, was branded a “Kook” and out of step with the mainstream. Dr. Paul was dismissed by mainstream conservative media and even had to withstand a withering attack by so called conservative radio talk show hosts across the nation.
And yet the Republican Party wonders out loud why they lost.

It has now come to light that the election wasn’t won or lost because of women’s issues or because the welfare nation has grown or even the rise of the Hispanic voting bloc. It was because 3 million registered Republicans stayed home and did not vote. It has also been reported that 8 million registered Democrats did not make it to the polls either. Also the voter turnout was less that the previous presidential contest featuring Obama vs. McCain. Looks like many voters just stayed home.
So how can you say a candidate would be a winner of such a contest?

There is no people’s mandate in this election. It only serves to prove that people wanted neither party.
Why? Because they are the same party, there is no difference.

I wonder what the vote would have looked like if "None of the Above" was on the ballot.

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