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Monday, November 5, 2012

Obama Needs Voter Fraud

The President can’t run on his record because all he has no record to speak of other than spending, spending and spending. There is also ObamaCare, a plan so ill-conceived that there isn’t enough money in the world today or tomorrow that could make it actually work. The Obama administration has not produced a workable budget in four years and has spent umpteen Trillions of dollars just to try to prop up the government and its vast bureaucratic hive of agencies and affiliates that the country won’t be paying back anytime soon.  It has been everything for the public sector at the expense of the private.

But we know all this. EVERYBODY knows all this!

So why is this guy so composed and so confident of victory this November?

Every private sector working person in this country, new citizen and native born, non-citizen and citizen, has got to be tired of seeing government institutions saved while their private enterprises crumble.

Who would vote this guy in for another four years?

Only people who THINK they will get ahead under another four years of Obama. People whose primary bread and butter is from the government. And there are plenty these days.

Public unions, Federal and State employees from the IRS to the TSA, Homeland Security and, of course, the “downtrodden” the people on the endless public dole, SSI, WIC and whatever other State tit sticking out of a government issue brassiere you can think of.

Then there are the Community Organizer/Activist ACORN-like organizations that the Obama Administration has cultivated in their “Get out the Vote” programs. This is the Obama administrations paid mob and voting "experts".

I suppose elections these days have become almost biblical in nature. The dead will rise but instead of ascending to heaven, they’ll go to the polls and vote.
Florida and California have uncovered massive voter fraud in there registration rolls. Voter fraud is everywhere and it can be attributable the loosening of the voter registration process under the “Motor/Voter” bills. These bills, where a person can register to vote while they’re getting their driver’s licenses renewed, is a perfect opportunity for fraud especially since many states are giving non-citizens the right to drive an automobile. The government cannot be relyed upon to administer this program because they're looking the other way.

So while you’re getting your illegal license or fake ID, you can also get your illegal voter registration. Onyango Obama, Barack Obama's uncle who was arrested for drunk driving last year had a valid driver's liscense for the state of Massachusetts even though he was in the country illegally. He was elegible to vote. He didn't but he could have. How did this happen? Because the state enables him and other illegals to do so. Their job is supposed to be to stop such things from happening but they didn't. Why? Because they get their marching orders, not from the people who pay their salaries but from their bosses who owe their jobs to the political kleptocrasy that passes for good governement these days.
One of the tenants of government is to administer voter registration. They aren't.  If they can’t then they should either scrap their Motor/ Voter registrations programs or simply deny non-citizens the right to drive.  Period.

Then there are the “Immigrant Advocates” and their ACLU legal storm-troopers that assail any efforts to cleanup state voting irregularities with law suits and accusations of racism.
There’s also the government itself. The Department of Justice has filed suit against states attempts to initiate Voter ID laws. Yet they look the other way when leftist groups like ACORN and the New Black Pathers attempt to undermine the vote in favor of Obama.

I suspect the New Black Panthers will be back on the street also since nothing happened to them last time since that blatant racist Eric Holder refused to prosecute them because they are "his people".

Wouldn’t we all want to know if people are voting legally in this country? I guess not.  When the state of Florida asked the Department of Homeland Security requesting access to their federal citizenship databases, they were denied.

These are the ways Obama plans to get re-elected. This is about getting votes and holding onto power!

To Obama, the Captain of a sinking ship is still the Captain.
The presidency of the United States is an opportunity that Barak Obama has squandered. He has abdicated sound judgment to promote disunion, chosen every path to chaos over unity and rewards failure over success. He grinds his ax for all to see.

His intellectual mission has either been to bring up the lower classes by bringing down the higher classes or he was aiming at just causing chaos from the beginning. But either way it is clear he favors chaos over order, class warfare over unity and spending over saving. To a man like this, any way justifys the means.

Obama may not have success on his side or truth or even substance but he has legions of fraud-meisters and that could be all that he needs.  

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