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Monday, October 22, 2012

Obama Offers Only Lip Service In Third Debate

From his tough talk on China to his love for Israel, President Obama will say anything to get re-elected.
But his actions have never reflected his words.

He’s had four years to deliver those tough words to China but he never has.
He hasn’t proven to be the best friend of Israel either, preferring to throw them under the bus in his dogged pursuit of acceptance by the Muslims of the North African nations. He’s had four years to prove his balance in the Middle East and we have yet to see it.

He said that he has bet on the American worker but he has chosen the wrong American worker. He continues to support the public unions with his education drive over the private sector American worker. The difference here is that the public sector, government, doesn’t actually produce anything. They don’t make pocket combs.
Obama’s idea of research is backing experimental companies with public funds…and losing. His green companies have not thrived. Quite the opposite really.

I especially liked Obama taking credit for the ending of the Iraq war and coming into office while there were two wars. This is odd to me because the wars haven’t ended. There’s still fighting in both Iraq and Afghanistan and then there was that intervention in Libya, a third war front. Where are the war endings? I don’t see any wars ending. I also have a vague recollection about closing the prison at Gitmo which is still in business.
A policy that seeks to expand government is a policy that will continue to drain the economy with increasing diminished returns. If government takes $ 5 Trillion out of the private sector in the form of taxes, that is $5 Trillion less that the private sector has to spend. If you give that money to the teachers, what will come back? A bunch of educated unemployed people. That’s just dandy!

What you won’t see is the businesses, the goods and the opportunities that weren’t created because of the lack of capital. You won’t see it because it was never created. This is the difference between government and the private sector. The private sector produces goods and generates revenue and government taxes and spends that revenue for its own works. You don’t have a choice and you don’t have a voice in its dispersal. The only money you can control is the money in your pocket, the money you've earned, after the government takes their cut.
President Obama is sticking to his ideology; Government provides, education must be funded and expanded and government picking its pet projects and punishing entities like coal and oil should continue. For his Socialist Vision, the President will go out on his shield but he should go out just the same. His positions are untenable and the country will suffer for his ideology.

Socialism and Redistribution of resources by government in reality has always lacked imagination. It is an unwieldy and cumbersome archaic idea that has already been tried and tried and has failed and failed. How boring to see this all unfold again.
But the President is going to stick to his agenda until some other force; the American people perhaps, can intercede. That’s why he’s in “Say Anything” mode. All he wants is to get back in office to continue his mission of upending the institutions that have made America the world’s largest economy.

And that all depends if you can believe what he says.

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