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Friday, October 5, 2012

Romney Understands the Economy

And President Obama clearly does not.
If you want anything in this world and wish to bring it about through your own hands and you still vote for Obama just because he’s black or you’re black, you deserve what you’re going to get.

Even if you’re getting free stuff from the government, how long do you think this will last? You can’t distribute what isn’t coming in. Redistribution of wealth relies on one thing…wealth. And the Obama plan won’t bring wealth to the government bank account.

President Obama does not know this, Romney does.

It was clear from the debate that one candidate understands what’s happening in the economy and one does not. You can’t fix something if you don’t understand it. Romney sees it clearly.  How do I know? He SAID so. He spelled it all out. The more you tax people, the less money they have to spend. Duh!

But the political Left will never see it. They are standing with their fingers in their ears, eyes closed, going “La-la-la-la-la” while Romney is explaining this simple concept. They don’t see it because they have never understood it.  
The economy goes beyond politics. Politics will not make people start buying all the stupid stuff we all used to buy. Three quarters of the economy depends on people buying Salad Shooters, George Forman Grills and Pastry Toasters. This is what makes America, no, the World, run! And America drives the world economy because we buy the most stupid stuff. It’s practically a birthright. To us,  dogs, cats and rabbits are pets but to many countries in the world they are “alternative food supplies”. While some people are dressing a cat for diner, we’re dressing them in expensive pet outfits for Halloween or Christmas. This is civilization!

But this is a free choice by people who work hard for the money THEY earn! It’s their money and they can do anything they want with it.
But you tax it away, they’ll stop. They’ll give up the pets and the pet food and the pet clothes. They’ll stop buying the new microwave oven and hold onto the old one for as long as they can. They’ll stop traveling and spending the money because they won’t know if the place they work for, the Salad Shooter Company, is going to lay them off or maybe they already have. It becomes a slow downward spiral.
And yet again, this is a rebuke of the Socialist left. Once again they got it “wrong”.  The steps they have taken have been failures since they've never addressed the fundamental problem of spending money the nation hasn't earned yet. If they were going to work, they would've worked by now.

You want something more than a government handout?


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