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Friday, January 4, 2013

U.S. Government Remains Dedicated to Money Losing Energy Companies

Even while facing the much balihoo'd Fiscal Cliff, big government still clung tightly to the funding subsidies of it's failing green energy companies.  

The government will pick the winners and losers of American industry. And if they don’t win, the government will just keep throwing taxpayer money at them until they win.  And in the case of the government backed solar companies, they'll also impose tarriffs.

What next? Will government force us to buy General Motors automobiles?
They are already forcing citizens onto their Federal Health Plans. By forcing insurance providers to cover everybody regardless of ability to pay and by forcing healthcare providers to carry the illegal populous who do not pay a dime into the system, thereby driving up costs for health insurance, they will soon be the only game in town.

They’re already forcing the American public to buy mercury laced “energy efficient” light bulbs and will make sure they are the only thing on the market available by phasing out the “bad” light bulbs that we’ve been using for over 100 years. They may save a watt or two but they’re dark and where you going to throw them out? Their a light bulb the government can embrace because they can put warning labels on them and create a whole new bureaucracy around just disposing of them.
The government, by their taxing and regulating policies, is forcing people onto Unemployment Insurance. Where once stood a productive employee now stands a jobless government dependent. Millions now collect unemployment in an anonymous, almost secret fashion. Image if it were 1981 with this rate of unemployment. The lines would go for blocks and everyone would see how really bad it is. Nah, just pick up the phone and register, give them your bank account and routing number and your money will be sent straight to your checking account. No waiting.

The government is also forcing us to listen to endless propaganda via their media machine television stations: CBS News, New England Network News, Fox News, and CNN News. I was watching at my local fitness center how overjoyed CBS News was that “things were going well” with the unemployment rate ticking up to the “official” total of 7.8%.
There is no news. There is nothing to be believed anymore on the airwaves. It’s as though I’m living Terry Gilliam’s movie “Brazil” in real life. Oh, but it can’t happen here. But it has, hasn't it? 

But for all the governments promoting, funding and propping up, of all their inventive bureaucratic feats of conjuring government industry out of the need to have a government industry, all of their enterprises are very “lossy” propositions. They just lose tons of money. Why? Because nobody wants what they’re selling, that’s why. If they did, they wouldn’t need to be subsidized. They’re services and goods are too expensive are made poorly and delivered uncaringly and the increasing amounts of tax money it requires is not just killing the economy but stunting the growth and incentive of a generation.
Check the success rate of the City of Chicago’s public school system if you want to witness the trap of government industry. They won’t allow a voucher system for school choice so if you can’t pay twice, once for the public school you have no use for and again for a privates school you need, you’re stuck! Talk about no future. Perhaps they can all get jobs in the Illinois Public Works Department. A fine janitor you've raised there Mr. Smith.

This is why government has to force you to take their goods and services. This is why competition must be legislated and taxed out of existence. This is why the propaganda machine has to tell you that this is a good thing.
But we know it’s a lie. THEY know it’s a lie but it’s for your own good if you know what's good for you. You just don’t know any better. That’s why government is here to help you with your choices. By limiting your choices, the government will help you make the right one.

If you think this isn’t right, think again.

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