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Friday, January 18, 2013

Obama's Kids Are More Important Than Your Kids

It's painful to see New Jersey Governor Chris Christie prostitue himself for the Federal Government all for the hope of getting yet another disaster handout from the Obama administration. Watching Christie dance to the Federal Overlord's tune is a distressful development since he was once a hope for change in how government has been treating the American taxpayer or as the Federal Government refers to us as: Our ATM.

While our Federal Coffers are filled with IOUs and Christie has played tough with his local budget, he has demonstrated no toughness at all when it comes to the Feds picking up the tab for his states shortfalls in the form of local disaster relief. Why buget for that since the Feds will ALWAYS write a check? Good question.

But now Christie's latest groveling to the Federal God has come in an alarming form: Making disparaging public comments about one of the few organizations that is actually looking out for the Bill of Rights, the National Rifle Association. The Federal Media has trumpeted this turn of events like they always do and try to turn it into a plus for their Federal Benefactor, the President of the United States.

The NRA has every right (for now) to point out the continuing hypocracy of President Obama's edicts and to include the disproportionate privledges of the political class.

But one good thing has come from this. We know that Chris Christie is not the man we thought he was. In fact we the public have been given the clearest picture of what he really is: A short-sighted useful idiot.

Whether Christie really believes the NRA was out of line with their ad featuring President Obama's children, we'll never really know.

What we do know for a fact, however is that Christie is a politician and as such his children, like President Obama's, also enjoy the trappings of government wealth in the form of the best private schools, the very best healthcare our nation can provide and armed personal protection as well as a fabulous pension plan and a guaranteed future.

And you, you stupid slobs, have the privledge to pay for it while you're skipping yet another traveling vacation, paying off your healthcare deductable in installments, worrying if you have enough gas to get to work and shopping at fucking Walmart.

So we as a nation can rejoice as Obama's children and Chris Christie's children enjoy their privledges and will grow up to go to great colleges and gain plum assignments in government subsidized non-profits or government owned media outlets, of course. All the while your own kids are out on the streets in the line of fire, shouldering the burden of paying back their student loans, facing rising taxes & fees and trying to find a job while companies that should be hiring them are still assessing how much all the extra taxes and fees they are constantly being hit with these days will allow them to even keep the people they have never mind hiring more.

The future of our children is being squandered and their right to protect themselves and to enter the professions they choose are diminishing daily under our ever present, ever borrowing and dictatorial regime.
The message here is clear: You're kids don't rate.

While the Feds are giving your money away to the Richest Poor People the world has ever known, you and your kids have to pay the full freight and live under conditions our Political Elite no longer even identify with and who enjoy protections most taxpayers can't even imagine. These are the people who are supposed to be  looking out for us?

Let's face it. To the Federal Government, you're not only not number one, you ain't even number two!

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