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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Republicans Go Wobbly As Obama Nullifies Congress And the Bill of Rights

President Obama has thrown down the gauntlet. He will breach the U.S. Constitution if he issues an Executive Order banning any kind of weapons. There is no power entrusted to the President of the United States under the Constitution that gives president Obama the authority to issue any proclamation to usurp any article of the Bill of Rights. But he’s going to do it anyway.

Why? Because there is no body or group that will actually try to stop him.

What's left of the Republican Party is playing the Washington Generals to Obama's Harlem Globetrotters. They just show up to lose. That's their job. Imagine just giving up the Bill of Rights because you're afraid that by defending it you'll look bad to the American public. This is a strategy?At least make a stand! Sigh.

The Republican Party is afraid they'll be voted out if they oppose the president but they'll be voted out anyway if they don't. They might as well fight since two years is a long time in politics and at least the people, the working "taxpaying" people, of this country will have a two year head start on their plans for survival in the coming takeover. Like Obama even cares what happens in the mid-term elections. He's taking power for himself right now.
As the climax of any action movie will tell you: This is it!

This is the moment the big business left has been working towards. The culmination of steady purchases of the political class and the wearing away of an individuals right to choose his own way in life. They care not that they rule a nation in ruins, only that they will rule. Stalin didn’t care, Mao didn't care, Castro didn't care. Obama doesn”t care.

But there will be a backlash OR perhaps not. Obama may succeed. After all the presidency has been gaining strength beyond the Constitution for decades. FDR took over once but was stopped in the courts. Obama already owns the courts.
The president has been able to start wars without the approval of Congress for decades. Even though it is specifically mandated that only Congress can declared war. Passing the War Powers act got past that one. Now the president is free to send troops into any conflict and in fact create a conflict without a care for 90 days. Obama, with his media accomplices easily knocked down any protest of his totally unconstitutional intervention in the Libyan civil war. He even violated the War Powers Act itself and nothing happened other than the radical muslim faction gained control of Libya.

The president has been able to borrow and spend money without the consent of Congress which is also specifically outlined in the Constitution. So much for the power of the purse that Congress is supposed to wield in times like this where the president is spending money like a sailor on shore -leave to prop up his array of payoffs to the public sector and their welfare brethren.
The Constitution is a piece of paper. That is all it is. But its words and ideas are the testament of the pinnacle of civilization. If government does not want to stick to its tenants, then we, the free working citizenry of this nation, have a fight on our hands the like the world has never seen.

Congress has been finally successfully circumvented and it is Congress themselves that gave away their Constitutionally granted power.  

This is it.

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