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Monday, October 17, 2011

Maintaining the Government House of Cards Through Occupation

As one such future oppressor has stated; “We are trying to limit the power and privilege of the wealthy”.

If only they had used the word “Government” instead of “Wealthy”.  But this is a good example of the difference between the Tea Party and the Occupiers.

But there are other differences. Many not so well defined on the Leftist Occupiers but very much defined on the Conservative/Libertarian Tea Party side.

o       The Tea Party is made up of working people who save to send their kids to college. The Occupiers want you to pay for their college too.

o       The Tea Party wants to win change through the ballot box. The Occupiers want to win change through, well, occupation or in other words: intimidation. One does not "occupy" for democracy.

o       The Tea Party are working and waiting for the next election. The Occupiers are working so there won’t BE a next election.

The Occupiers believe it’s time for a “re-thinking” of the way we as a nation govern ourselves” and with the addition and full fledged support they are getting from public labor unions, public school teachers, Leftist politicians, openly Marxist groups, mainstream TV news, social advocates and other propagandists, we the working people who actually pay taxes into this house of cards we call a government are beginning to see just what that re-thinking will entail.

All this piling on is really all just for one reason; to sustain government. 

According to the latest US Treasury report, government spending has actually increased in 2011 over what it spent in 2010. Federal government spending has increased 5% over last year and local state government spending is up 10% from this time last year. But this spending was largely fueled by the last Stimulus Package, which was $830 Billion if anybody was keeping track, and that money has just about run out.

Enter the Millionaires. The government needs money since they refuse to cut a dime out of the Federal budget. Republocrats and Demlicans have accomplished nothing since the 2008 elections to change the government’s spending habits. We were all looking for a change but no changes seem to be made. So going after millionaires will serve two objectives: The government vacuum needs cash from anywhere it can get it and it gives the government and it’s minions a group to vilify along with bankers and The Jews.

Is anyone alive yet aware that the Stimulus packages were never intended to create jobs? These measures were passed to sustain government at its present level. No roads were ever meant to be built, no bridges were ever meant to be repaired. There were a bunch of signs printed up about how your tax money was being spent but it was all a lie. 

And here we have president Obama back for more and this time with a street mob.

The mob is there for when we run out of millionaires.

The federal and state governments are running out of places to get cash. Their collectivist tax policies and share the wealth give-a-ways have already destroyed 7 million jobs over the last 4 years in the United States. That reduction in tax revenue must be made up from somewhere and that somewhere is you and I. We are the ultimate target.

Ever since the Great Society of Lyndon Johnson we have had government attempt to mediate the outcome for an entire nation. By social engineering and a theory of bringing people up by bringing others down has fostered an ever growing segment of society that literally gets something for nothing, receiving their sustenance from the silk gloved hand of government. But that money came from other working people, working people that still had bills to pay and needs to provide for. Fast forward to now and we see what such policies have wrought upon us. This is what just giving people a fish can do. A fish somebody else worked hard to earn.

As the Occupier mobs grows larger, more belligerent and more unruly, they will attempt, encouraged by a faltering Marxist presidential regime and its media cohorts, to pull something violent and destructive. It’s only success will be measured by the size of the chaos it provokes as though to say to the world; “If we can’t have it, you can’t have it either”.

That’s the problem with creating a dependent class of people, they expect too much.

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