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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Four More Years of Barak Obama...

I think we have hit a threshold in this country where most Americans would now vote for anybody other than Barak Obama for President of the United States.

Does anybody think things will get better for the economy under a second term for this man?

Sure, he may consolidate his power, tighten his grip and extend his rule over business by using his regulatory licensing agencies and his Czars since he can’t get his legislation passed but does anybody believe for a moment that the man and his policies are capable of turning the economy around, create jobs and a safe environment for business?

In the marketplace of ideas, President Obama’s three year, full speed ahead tax business first, cut gov't spending later mantra has hit a wall and will go no farther legislatively in the next year. Will four more years of an Obama administration be any different?

It is more than likely that the House and Senate will gain more Tea Party Republicans and the continuing “gridlock” will only save the country from more destruction at the hands of the naked Marxist Obama.

The thought of four more years of what we’ve been going through for the last 3 seems like an unbelievable prospect and one I’m sure not many are willing to contemplate. We are now in a place to ask ourselves "What would four more years of Obama mean to us, Prosperity or Pain?"

People are looking for somebody else to vote for, anybody else to vote for. They’re imploring politicians, many of whom they don’t even know where they stand on major issues, to run for President against Obama. Personally I would vote for a cardboard cutout if it managed to get the Republican nomination. Even a third party cardboard cutout would be preferable.

We won’t know what we’re going to get with a new president but we sure know what to expect with the old one. More speeches, more class warfare, more "us against them" divisiveness, less clarity and tougher times. There seems to be only one future under an extended Obama administration. 

The clear pick for president in November 2012 is…Anybody.

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