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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Obama's Whitehouse Invents Big Lie to Protect Eric Holder

It looks like the United States would rather start yet another war, this time with Iran, than tell Attorney General Eric Holder to resign.

In the ultimate and absurd "Wag the Dog" scenario, the US Government has pulled an assassination attempt out of thin air to divert attention away from a man who is clearly the most incompetent AG since Jimmy Carter appointed that myopic, unapologetic mass-murderer, Janet Reno. 

Time will tell if the Saudis will play along with this "outrage".

The shredding machines must be going 24/7 at the Justice Department right now since the chairman of the House Oversight and Gov’t Reform Committee, Darrell Issa, has issued a subpoena of records relating to Justice’s “Fast and Furious” operation. An operation so politically motivated and misguided as to rival any debauchery the US government has ever cooked up. And that’s saying something.

The list of accusations and public indictments against Mr. Holder started immediately after his appointment by President Obama and he has gone downhill ever since. Here’s the quick list:

o       Decides to close the military prison at Guantanamo Bay by January 2011…just because.

o       Reopened criminal investigations into CIA interrogations under the Bush administration not only wasting two years and a boat-load of money but getting no prosecution victories in his obviously politically motivated pursuit.

o       Wanted to try foreign terrorists in criminal courts instead of military councils and in New York of all places.

o       Not only drops racially motivated voter intimidation charges against the New Black Panthers Party against all recommendations but in an interview regarding how race had affected the Department of Justice’s decision making, Eric Holder denies this accusation with a diatribe that race wasn’t a factor when deciding to prosecute “my people”.

Let’s just pretend for a moment that instead of the Black Panthers it was the Tea Party standing in the same spot just outside the polling station handing out leaflets. The Justice Dept would have been up their arses in less than a minute and it would have made all the news outlets 5 seconds after that.They'd all be doing the mandatory 5 years for voter intimidation.

But the AG has graduated from his gross negligence, his go-it-alone style of management and his failure to even investigate a situation even a little bit before rendering a decision.  Now Mr. Holder has elevated himself to accessory to murder, illegal gun running, aiding and abetting an organized criminal enterprise, lying about it to a Congressional Investigating Committee and getting caught, telling the committee that he had only recently heard about the F & F operation and then having a 9 month old memo surface proving he knew about it well before then. He can't even lie right.
As much as the Iranians deserve it, I think even they would rather earn a beating than to be accused of a bogus assassination plot. And for what? To protect a liability of a man who clearly should be put in jail never mind lose his job. The blood of many innocent people now stains Mr. Holder's hands.

If this was China, they’d probably just throw him out of the window of his office just to avoid further embarrassment. Remember that Chinese executive behind the Melamine milk poisoning incident there? According to the public statement, he had an "accident".

Lets hope Justice finds Mr. Holder and soon.

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