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Friday, December 30, 2011

Media Blitz’s Ron Paul - Radio/Print Establishment Unite Against Libertarian Candidate

I think this is unprecedented in my life time. I find this all day everyday media blitz on radio and in print against US Presidential candidate Ron Paul alarming.

Never before have I witnessed all media, those from the political Left and the political Right, come together to totally thrash a leading candidate to the extent they are campaigning against Ron Paul.

Not Mike Dukakis, not George W. Bush, not Al Gore or even Barry Goldwater has had this kind of blistering rhetoric come from BOTH sides of the political spectrum. 

Makes you wonder what the big deal is about this guy. Why, after 35 years, is he now a threat?  How can a man who campaigns on a platform of peace, liberty and the individual pursuit of happiness be branded by ALL media as a ‘Kook”?  I have yet to hear one talk-jock say Ron Paul is relevant or electable. He’s both and his ideas have found a home in the American public. And the government establishment knows it.

For decades the United States has been ruled by a band of elites that take turns at the presidency. Democrat or Republican makes no difference, they are the same person and their policies only get continued by the next politburo appointee.  What this political establishment has done is allow illegal aliens to overrun the country, built a towering entitlement program that is a large contributor to the bankrupting of the country and the undermining of individuals beliefs in self-sufficiency. Their expansion of government into all aspects of our lives is unwieldy, inefficient and profoundly expensive. We have generations of welfare recipients and people who feel they cannot live without what government gives them. Such a waste.

The present syndicate that is running the nation is out of control in their spending and their militarism. With every passing administration, we find it more out of step with how the American taxpaying public feels. Is Ron Paul a nut or is he the only one saying what the people already know?

But to see this play out on the airwaves and the dying print media is to marvel at how far the established media will go and how shrill they are sounding. They know the policies of the past are failures but are willing to back them because that’s how their bread is buttered. How short sited they are since when we as a nation run out of bread, they too will run out of bread. They don’t live so high that they can’t fall also. No one will escape if the United States falls.

Time to go in another direction and there’s no better time than right now.

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