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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fox News and the US War Obsession

I'm seeing a pattern with the recent elevation of the standard dismissive "Ron Paul's a kook" talk.  I hear this stuff all over talk radio and especially from Fox News. Every TalkJock on the station repeats either "kook" or "Isolationist" every hour on the hour. Then they marvel at the devoted "kooks" that "follow" Ron Paul. I don't know if they really think the guy is a nut or they just want the phone calls. It is a very transparent strategy leading up to Iowa for the Imperialist Warmonger crowd at Fox and my local stations who are in the bag for Mitt Romney. I'm in Massachusetts and I won't be voting for Mitt if he's nominated. I'll probably write in Ron Paul...AGAIN. 

When they call Ron Paul an Isolationist for his Free Trade and Non-Intervention policy, it's just a euphemism for not wanting to take over a place by either shear military force or by CIA skulldugery. The people of these countries don't want another US puppet dictator like the Shah or a US occupational force. They want to run their own country their own way. And how can we be Isolationists if we're TRADING with the place?  You are either trading with a country or you are isolating them, not both. 

I especially bristle at the talk of how "out there" Dr. Paul's ideas are. When they call HIM a kook, they're calling ME a kook and disparaging MY ideas too. Screw them.

And you know something? Iran IS going to go nuclear and develop a bomb regardless of what anybody thinks is going to happen. They know that the big benefit of having the bomb is to keep the US honest in our dealings with them. They NEED the bomb. Meanwhile, we've worn out our war machine on long and needless occupations and now that something "important" has come up, we don't have the will or the money to do anything about it. What are we going to do now, attack Iran

I guess we can just put the Iran war memorial right next to the new Iraq war memorial that goes next to the Vietnam war memorial that fits right next to the Korean war memorial. The wars just go on and on. 

Yet for all our Imperial nature, for all our Interventionism and heavy handedness, the United States has never been as unsafe or as close to collapse as it is RIGHT NOW. 

This latest diatribe from the right wing radio windbags just goes to show that the Republicans aren’t really for limited government. They aren’t really for limited taxation either. They just want to redirect public funds to keep their war machines going. The “War Junkies” of the Political Right have run us into the ground just as badly as the “Welfare Junkies” on the Political Left. They don't want different ideas, they want THEIR ideas and FOX News is as bad as NPR in this regard. Neither side would carry out the reforms that a Ron Paul presidency would. They would go on attempting to either buy or coerce influence around the world and speed this nation closer to it's ruin. Look at what a great job they've done so far.

The way I see it, it’s the Democrat and Republican parties that are holding the extreme beliefs. They are two sides to the same bad penny. One wants too much spending and welfare give-a-ways and the other wants too much intervention and war but they BOTH want control of the means of taxation. The elections are a dog and pony show for the public but we still get the same guy in office. I find the airwave onslaught of both Left and Right wing propaganda tiresome. It's just a lot of empty words to defend proven failure. 

So you can go on doing the same wrong things and hoping for a better result. I'll "waste" my vote on Ron Paul.

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