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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Newt Gingrich is Right on Israel

I find it unimaginable what an Israeli citizen living in Israel must go through on a daily basis living under the circumstances that they do.

Now I know not all of Israel is hit by rockets (yet) but rockets fly every day into parts of their country.They have people trying blow up buses full of people and people with guns trying to get into the country just so they can shoot at them.

They are surrounded by people whose only wish is for them to march into the sea and drown. The Israelis face a culture that for generations have made nothing but bombs, tunnels and children driven by the hatred of Israel. We see no “Made in Palestine” clothing labels, no toys, paper flowers, nothing of export. They don’t’ even make pocket combs.

But they seem to have the time and money for rockets, bombs and for the digging of tunnels all for the purpose of attacking Israel. These are generations of people wasted in the single minded pursuit of the destruction of a single people, Israel. And after decades of this they never seem to tire of it or waver in their conviction. No action is too bold, no amount of rhetoric is too demeaning.

How can one live under such pressure? People are adaptable creatures to be sure but one can only imagine the rationalization that must go on to make daily life seem normal there.

So when Newt Gingrich comes out and finally says what everybody already knows but won’t say, people are shocked. They don’t seem to be shocked about what is actually going on in Israel so much as they are outraged that someone has actually pointed it out. Shoot the messenger. Again.

But that’s what politics and diplomacy has become for America in the 21st Century. Avoid, don’t take a stand, indict the victim and let the attacker go. It’s because, you see, they are merely misunderstood. They are less “fortunate” than we are here in the land o’ plenty and we should take pity. Never mind we as a nation are being overrun by the modern equivalent of the Goths. Never mind that this hatred has spilled over into the United States and continues to grow.

Newt is right when he says it’s time to stand up and see things for what they are. The situation is intolerable and there should be repercussions. You shouldn't hit somebody and expect not to be hit back.

It’s time to hit back politically and openly call the Arabs on their support of their long standing Palestinian Army. It’s time to hit back at the Palestinian Authorities  and say that until they come out publicly that Israel has a right to exist, there will be no more money from the United States or her allies and that they can forget about any negotiations since any negotiation must START with the recognition of the State of Israel.

Without that, the Palestinian people can just rot where they are, wasting their lives, for eternity. 

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