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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Obama Shills For Green Energy Companies

If he hadn't given so much taxpayer money to these alternative energy companies, maybe President Obama wouldn't have to attack Global Warming, I mean Climate Disruption, sorry, Climate Change deniers so vociferously and without tact or even a hint of diplomacy.  

No, Mr. Obama has to go on the offensive since so many of the Solar and Wind energy companies that his friends and election contributors have started haven’t done particularly well. In fact they've performed very poorly indeed!

There are currently 33 companies that have received taxpayer money from the Federal Department of Energy to develop clean energy that have filed for bankruptcy protection after having received Billions of dollars collectively. What happened to all that money? Well I guess they must have spent it all. I guess Green Energy isn't a product that will sell itself.

What they need is a better salesman!

For all his bluster, accusations, executive actions, taxpayer "loans" and behind the scenes sleight of hand, the President just isn't getting the job done for renewable energy. Even heavy government subsidies can't manage to keep these hand picked, state sanctioned companies above water. After all, the government can spend itself into prosperity and fund good jobs at good wages, right?

Mr. Obama’s latest offensive offensive will only serve to leave the public cold. Or luke warm. Or perhaps a better word is “chilled”.

It’s all about the ice caps melting. Or was it about the Walruses not having ice to rest upon. Or was it their food supply dying in the warming ocean? Or was that the Polar Bears? It’s just so hard to keep track. 

And despite the subsidies, the tariffs and the media amplified denunciations, solar panels are just plain cheaper coming from China. And no matter how much the U.S. government pushes them.Wind Mills and Electric Cars are just too expensive for a large majority of the American people.

But the name of the game right now is Sell, Sell, Sell, Sell and the world’s most powerful head of state is pulling out all the stops to make you buy what he’s selling. This is the big pre-election sales promotion meant to define the issue of weather you care about Global...whatever or if you want the seas to rise, the mountains to fall and children to drown horribly while they are hungry and suffering from lack of public education. 

President Obama can make NASA fudge the climate data. He can offer support to the universities that have professors publish “new” findings on the effects of Climate Change, he can also influence his news media to publish dire visions of the future.

But he can’t make you buy it. And it’s killing him.

People don’t believe in man-made Climate Change. Oh, there are plenty of people on the payroll who PRETEND to believe in it but they’re only in it for the money. Look at Al Gore. He’s made Millions upon Millions from his Global Warming media events. What a racket! This certainly puts all those old gangsters and mob bosses to shame. If Gore actually believed all that crap he spouts, don’t you think he’d live a little bit leaner instead of using so much power from the grid if the reports from the Nashville Electric Service can be believed about how much his electric bill is each month not to mention flying all over the place in a big ol jet plane. And I’ll bet he probably has those old pre-gore toilets installed in his mansion. You know, the ones that hold more than 1.9 gallons and can flush anything on the first try.

I think Obama sees his retirement profession clearly. If that pasty-faced dullard Al Gore can make a mint off of the fear and self-loathing of American followers, well clearly, as a hi-lee educated former head of the Free World, like him can too.

And he can’t get on with his next job soon enough for me.

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