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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Jeb Bush Exudes Status Quo

What makes anyone think anything is going to change in the United States if Jeb Bush is elected president?

And what will Mr. Bush's campaign be based upon? Jeb Bush the Reformer? Jeb Bush the Political Outsider? Maybe perhaps Jeb Bush for Change?

In a nation that is deeply divided between the takers and the taken, the private taxpayer and those at the public troth, how is this man in particular going to make anything different?

The answer is: He won’t.

They people who pay will continue to pay if not pay more and the people who take will relax, as comfortable as they can, in their knowledge that the support spigot will remain on.

The government propaganda machine is touting Jeb as The Moderate in the field. Propaganda outlets like Google News, Face the Nation, Reuters, PBS et al are saying that once Jeb Bush's record as governor come out and once The (little) People truly get to know him and become aware of all the good he has done for the state of Florida, they will take him as a serious and viable candidate.

A bell should go off in your head.

The last thing the country needs is a political dynasty. We're struggling with one right now and all American Democracy and freedom of the individual needs less of is more power-cult entities in the office of the President. Once the President transcends parties, and if the present Demi-God in the White House doesn't give you pause for thought in this regard, the system will be over and the will of the people to defend it will weaken to a much greater extent than it is now. 

The government will fight to perpetuate itself and Congress will pretend to fight the president on his proposals, most recently the Immigration Initiative and the Iran Nuclear Deal and when they “lose” they will hold their heads up high and say “We tried!”

Did they now?

How is King Jeb the Third going to do anything about this?

He isn't but he’ll look good not doing it.

His sycophantic supporters and the government press will regal all us impoverished peasants at how Presidential he looks when we know they wish they could say Imperial. But that will come in time. 

Jeb Bush will continue to draw his support, and he is the candidate with the biggest bank account, from big business which seeks political advantage over small businesses, craves low wage labor and covets the ability to shift the costs of this labor onto the communities they overrun rather than pay for it themselves. He will continue to choose the side of the public unions over the will of the people who pay their way. There is no reason, in a time where we should be looking for strength of conviction, that we will get any from this man.

The last thing this country needs right now is THE SAME.

So perhaps once again we who actually matter in this equation, since it's the money from the fruits of our labor in the greater proportion, that is funding this whole charade, will be left without much of a choice again this election.

Why vote for a Leftist in Republican cloth when you can have the real Leftist in a Democrat silk robe? It's either that or stay home.

That’s what happened last time with Mitt Romney. Had he been more conservative, had he been just a little less wishy-washy where he should have held a hard line, he may have actually won the election and would have been at this moment addressing the financial issues, the real issues that face the stability of the United States. But he wasn't and an estimated three million conservatives stayed home. 

George Bush Senior reneged on his promise of No New Taxes. His son George Walker Bush spent money like a Sailor on Shore Leave and started the program of National Surveillance of U.S. Citizens and so what are we to expect from a Jeb Bush presidency given the chance?

I shudder to think

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