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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

United States Occupies Hawaii

On the heels of the Obama administrations rebuke of Israel’s purported occupation of “Palestinian” land one has to suspend belief that what the United States has done in its past is any more morally righteous than what any other country has done in its history.

Israel has more claim to the land that they sit on than we do in regards to the land the United States occupies.

Hawaii springs to mind. We've been sitting on those people for longer than Israel has been a State.

We still occupy military bases in Okinawa Japan since 1945 and they don’t like it at all. In fact, the people of Okinawa want the U.S. Military to vacate the premises immediately. It is only the money we’re throwing at Tokyo that is keeping the bases there. If that's not an occupying force, someone please explain. It's not like it's keeping Japan from attacking anybody. It's an offensive strike force that the U.S. is not going to give up regardless of what Japan wants us to do. 

We still hold Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. Don't think the Cubans are renting that to us so we must be occupying that territory. And weren't we closing that down already?

In fact, the United States has military bases all over the world. Hundreds of them. A case could be made for our occupying forces in all these foreign countries although the government always states that we hold no land but if the U.S. has had a base in anyplace for more than 65 years, I’d say otherwise. We’re holding onto that real estate real hard.

Texas used to belong to Mexico until we “Liberated” it for the United States. I'd say we've been occupying that territory since, what, 1845? 

We also occupy most of the land the American Indians used to roam free upon and hunt and plant and live their lives as their creator had told them to. But we won it all in the Indian Wars and we let what’s left of the vanquished Indian nations have the mostly unproductive land we weren't going to use much anyway.

And while we are criticizing Israel for their historical occupation…

Not a word about China’s occupation of Tibet

I guess ya'll must have forgot. The U.N. certainly has.

So to say that only Israel must give up land that they at least have lived on for ages and ages so they can hand it over to a people, lets face it, this band of Arabs, who have vowed to drive Israel into the sea and have never acknowledged Jerusalem as a state while every other nation has AND has been constantly shooting rockets into their towns, sneaking armed men into their territory and killing its citizens, well it’s rather the heighth of hypocrisy.  

But what what else would a reasonable person expect? That’s just President Obama’s standard operating procedure.

It would be pretty funny if a member of Benjamin Netanyahu's administration came out and called for the United States to give back an inch of any of the land it took over the years. 

That would be hysterical. 

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