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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Sanders Endorsement of Clinton Rings Hollow

No one believed it when President Obama recently endorsed Hillary Clinton and said that she is the best candidate for the office that there is.

And nobody is going to believe it if Bernie Sanders can choke out the same line.

Bernie Sanders endorsing Hillary Clinton for President of the United States would need a great moment in acting to pull off since knowing what we all know and the slow burn that Sander’s supporters are going through right now after having been jobbed by the Democratic National Committee just before the polls opened for the California Democratic Primary. And it wasn’t the first time they got screwed by the “Creative Democracy” that the Democrats practice.

We all know that the DNC had picked Hillary Clinton as the nominee right from the start and did everything they could to derail the campaign of Bernie Sanders.

How can anyone believe that Sanders would truly and sincerely endorse Clinton and validate everything they did to him? It makes no sense.

There certainly isn’t much democracy going on in the DNC these days and Sander’s campaign exposed the rigging, the behind –the-scenes skullduggery and the outright rigging of the vote to favor Hillary. For Bernie to stand there and say “I want Hillary Clinton for President” will be the ultimate humiliation. Will he do it? How will he handle it? How will his staunch supporters handle it?

Good question.

I don’t believe Hillary did win the popular vote amongst Democratic Primary Voters. But how are we ever going to know? All we have is what the Dems have told us. Now shut up and sit down!

In the long run this treatment of Sanders will haunt Hillary. Never a good candidate to begin with since even the people who are going to vote for her don’t believe she is capable of doing anything but keeping the money flowing their way for as long as it’s going to last. And that isn’t saying much.
Nobody believes Hillary Clinton can restore prosperity and tranquility domestically and regain respect and integrity globally. Who has heard that plan? There isn’t one. With a Hillary regime there will only be the Status Quo for the preciously short time that is going to do any good. No no, a Hillary presidency is going to be a disaster.

We might not get much better under the circumstances from Trump but at least we may have a chance.  Donald Trump is a man of bold ideas and he will have his chance to put them out on the big stage for the citizens of this country to weigh.

And that chance to compare his own big ideas was taken away from Bernie Sanders.  Not by the popular vote but by the DNC powers that be that had already decided who their candidate was long ago. The Sanders campaign, all that energy, all that optimism and all that time and money was all a charade. It was never going to happen. It was all a waste of time and effort, shoveling shit against a rigged system help bent on Hillary Clinton despite her vast problems, baggage and weaknesses.

It should have been Bernie Sanders grasping for that brass ring instead of the conniving, devious and distrustful Hillary Clinton. What did she ever do to deserve the nomination? What, did she ever accomplish in politics that had any impact on anything? All she's managed to do is steal an election. 

So does anybody think that Sanders supporters are just going to forget this?

Don’t think so. 

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