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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Obama: Trump is a Russian Spy!

That’s right; Donald Trump is working for the Russians! It’s a terrible revelation I know but the Obama regime has concrete evidence and well those people who hacked the inattentive and secretive Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails, well they were RUSSIAN!

President Obama was heard to say, “You know the FBI tells me that it’s very difficult to prove the source of a cyberattack but, since the FBI works for me, and we would never lie about something this big, we have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Russia is the source of the stolen emails from the Democratic National Committee. Yup, Trumps a spy alright. We may have Loretta Lynch issue an arrest warrant.

Heck Hugo Chavez can arrest his opposition, why can’t I? “

Obama Demands Trump Release Birth Certificate!

I have heard that President Obama wants to see Donald Trump’s birth certificate to prove that he isn’t Russian. Right now the CIA and the FBI are looking into Mr. Trump’s ancestry to see if he had any distant relatives that were either in the Russian Royal Family or better yet, the Russian Revolution.

“And where”, President Obama asked,” was Mr. Trump when Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK, anybody know? He talks about Ted Cruz’s dad meeting Mr. Oswald but that was just a smoke screen. Where was he when Oswald was around, a grassy knoll perhaps?” At the time Trump would’ve been 23 years old, certainly old enough to buy a gun in Texas.

National Press All in for Hillary

The suddenly righteous outrage of the media propagandists, especially a video by the New York Times that could be taken as a campaign blitz FOR Donald Trump. Who wouldn’t want to have Russia on our side for a change? They would be a better friend than an enemy. Wouldn’t it be great to put 60 years of distrust and counteractions behind us? Haven’t we seen this take place between Ireland and Great Britain? I never thought I’d live to see the day when Ireland and Britain sat down and made a deal over Northern Ireland. It’s not the best but it brought peace to the region. And peace lays the groundwork for prosperity and an elevated quality of life. There are a lot of people in the U.S. who hold how Vladimir Putin is running Russia in higher regard than how they view Obama running this country. That’s a strange thing.

Granted, there is a lot of bad history on both sides of the aisle but with the right people in charge for a change, it could happen. Previous U.S. governments felt that the adversarial roll served their ability to hold power but it has taken a man like Donald Trump to view such ideology from a different angle. Why not be more open with another world power?   

But alas, no one president could right our trust issues even in two terms.

Keeping the Cold War Alive

Many presidents in the recent past have used this Us vs. Them dynamic with Russia to help keep themselves in power. It served them better that Russia was the enemy. But now the United States has NO SHORTAGE of enemies and what we really could use are friends. Reviving and keeping the Cold War alive no longer serves us and our nation’s leaders should find some other value to hold power with. How about benevolence for a change? How about a fucking tax cut?

Obama’s Chinese Connection

During his last two presidential runs, Barack Obama had taken money, a lot of money, from government money men in China but that certainly got little play in the Government Press. This money was very influential. And what did they get in return? Any kind of recent trade deals come to mind? Mr. Obama doesn’t really talk much about this for obvious reasons.

Hillary Grasping at Straws

By alienating Bernie Sanders supporters and being unable to find, never mind fire up, her own voter base, the Clinton campaign is resorting to throwing bigger and bigger accusations up against the wall of public opinion with more frequency and larger failures. Would a thinking person understand that Trumps so called “Fear Mongering “ of illegal immigrants and ISIL at our doorstep is any different than the Democrats using Russia and Vladimir Putin as a Boogie Man?

Or that Trump openly asking Russia to release Hillary’s emails that she deleted even though she was under a court order not to do so is a bigger worry than the fact she deleted said emails and maintained an a private email server for government correspondence that was hacked in the first place? And if, like we were originally told, there was nothing in those thousands of deleted emails, then why would it matter, if Russia indeed had them, if they were released.

Right now the Political Left and their media enablers will say anything and do anything to hold onto power, the power they can’t hold if the American People aren’t on board with come election time. All information is suspect and if you are a Trump supporter, you already know this.

The Real Truth

In our Shoot-the-Messenger world, the real heroes are the people who risk their future, their fortune and their very necks to brink the public this information. Imagine how stupid and uniformed were were about the level and nature of the NSA spying on all Americans without a warrant like the law stipulates. The not so distant past seems like another world to us now. 

But it took people like Julien Assange, Eric Snowden and that poor devil Bradley Manning who battled their consciouses, their upbringing and their nations to bring out the truth to the world. It invites a comparison of Prometheus bringing light to mankind. Now enlightened, what do we do with this information? 

It's time to make an informed choice. 

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