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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Sanders Sells His Soul

He should have been the Democratic Nominee. And he would have been the nominee had the Democratic National Committee not secretly colluded with the Hillary Clinton Campaign to freeze him out of the race.

Votes were stolen. Support was not supplied and super delegates were appointed to stand against him. All of the time, effort, work and MONEY that went into the Bernie Sanders for President campaign was in the end just a Dog and Pony Show for the RUBES. 

It's not like Hillary was somehow surprised this was going on. She was in on the whole con. It was she who was driving the bus when it ran over the Sander's campaign and don't let anybody kid you. The DNC dances to Hillary's tune and not the other way around. 

Still, Sanders had a chance. His message was being heard, his vigor was infectious and his campaign proved popular. I believe he got most of the votes but we'll never know because his weren't counted. Bernie Sanders had his nomination literally taken, stolen from him and his substantial voter base.

Julian Assange really only confirmed what we already knew: That the Democratic Establishment conspired with the Clinton Campaign to deliver Hillary the nomination as the Democratic candidate for the Presidency of the United States. 

How historic was this challenge? In many ways it did make history. Hillary’s campaign will go down in U.S history as the most underhanded demonstration of campaign skulduggery in the modern era. 

That we know of.

Fairness, Fairness, Fairness…

After all this, one can better appreciate the theme of this year’s Democratic National Convention. It’s all about fairness, unity and establishing a level playing field for the American citizen. The Democratic candidate will seek to promote fairness and transparency at every level of government.

All put forth without a hint of irony or even a facial tick.

Sander’s Supporters just Bad Sports

Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Shultz addressed the crowd at the opening of the convention with these inspiring words for the disgruntled Sanders delegates:

“Come now people, you’re just being ridiculous. You are just uninformed about how the game is played. This is national politics and we can’t have a guy like Sanders win the Democratic Nomination, can’t you see? Listen, we had a process and fair or unfair you lost so suck it up and vote for Hillary. What? You mean you all thought you were part of a national movement? You’re kidding, right? You people are more naive than we thought. You all fucked up, you trusted us! You thought we would treat each candidate fairly and without preference. Well it doesn’t work that way so grow up and meet the real world!”

“Oops, gotta go!”

And with that, she was gone.

Everything Free in America!

But Bernie’s legacy will live on in the Democratic Party Platform:
  • Free College Tuition: But no jobs to go to. And since we all know how highly people regard free things, the value of a public college education won’t be much if this should happen.
  • Raise the National Minimum Wage: No jobs will come of this either. If you can’t pay $10.00 an hour you’re not going to be able to pay $15.00. Not for a crumby job only worth $7.50.
  • Renegotiate College Debt: This is good because this actually hits a government program up to renegotiate the bad-deal loans they have been handing out to anyone who applies since they took over the student loan program. So essentially it will be the government cutting the money it will receive. Odds of that happening: Zero.
  • Universal Child Care: Everybody’s kid gets to go to a daycare facility free!  This idea has also been flown as Universal Kindergarten. Just another government program for another government paycheck for another class of government employees. Oh, and who is going to pay for that? Answer: You.
  • Paid Family Leave: More holidays for American workers paid for by, ultimately, the American worker! It can't get any better than that!

Bernie Endorses Hillary!

I checked the temperature in Hell this morning when I woke up and it was 20 degrees F! It surely was a cold day in Hell as Bernie stood up and told his die-hard supporters that HILLARY CLINTON was the best person for the job of President of the United States! 

Did they believe it? Hell NO! 

Did Bernie believe it? Hell NO!

Does ANYBODY believe it?


So in the end Bernie sells out on the floor of the Democratic Convention in order to get his agenda adopted as part of the party platform.

But nobody is buying it.

Hillary Picks Crazy-Looking Fat White Guy for Vice President

Can they take a picture of this guy that doesn’t make him look demented? Is such a thing possible? I just get a weird vibe off of the visuals of this guy since before this I’ve never laid eyes on Tim Kaine before. Now that I have, I’m not so sure of what I’m seeing. He reminds me of the uncle in the family you didn’t leave the kids alone with.

Again, the Sanders supporters just have to grin and bear it, right? Hillary is the nominee and that’s just the way it is, ok?

National Public Radio is on board. CNN is on board. The DNC is on board too.

So shut up and sit down!

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