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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

President Obama Endorses Donald Trump!

What could be a bigger, more ringing endorsement of your candidate than to have the worst President to ever wear the mantle to say that he isn’t “Qualified”?

There isn’t one. Obama has told the world that Donald Trump is not fit for the presidency and he should know since he is the most unfit person to ever hold the office. Move over Jimmy Carter, move over Dwight D., stand aside Mr. Nixon, a new king has been crowned: Barack Obama.

The Anarchist-in-Chief has done everything he can to destroy the United States. He’s ordered a stop to border enforcement, allowing untold millions into the country without knowing their intent or their health. Diseases that have thought to be eradicated in the U.S. are roaring back and disruptions along the border and U.S. deaths and the hands of the invaders is continuing to rise. 

So if President Obama thinks Donald Trump isn’t the man for the job…HE’s the Man for the Job!

Just how Mr. Obama has become so delusional as to think that ANYBODY in the world would believe a word he says about anything is a wonder in itself. After all this Bastard has done to us?

The President has ravaged the U.S. economy by killing off the nation’s largest employer: Small Business, with increased regulation and taxation. Empty store fronts dot every town and city center across the country. The homeless are rampant but you won’t hear much about them unless Mr. Trump is elected president, THEN it will be the biggest problem facing our nation so will say the Government Press.

So if Obama says I shouldn’t vote for this guy, I really should vote for this guy!

Nothing President Obama has done has actually helped the United States. His Affordable Care Act has driven costs up and hospitals out of business. States are groaning under the regulation and shortages the president’s plan has brought. His backing of Green Energy companies with taxpayer dollars has left a wake of bankruptcies and blown Millions of dollars without a penny in return in a failed effort to pick winners and losers in the Marketplace.

The only private business Obama has every helped with his policies is the firearms industry. And that was unintended. 

But if we would only listen to HIM, He, Mr. Obama,  will tell us who we should vote for and it’s NOT Donald Trump. According to the President, Mr. Trump is the LEAST qualified person for the office.

On the other hand, Mr. Obama says that Hillary Clinton is the MOST qualified person for the office.

We get it. What Mr. Obama is REALLY saying subliminally is that Trump should be president or the world is going to go to shit under Hillary Clinton.

And what shit it will turn into under Hillary. All she’s got is the same banal proposals that didn’t work the last 20 times they were tried.

Hillary’s Jobs Bill vs Trump's Plan

You want a job? You won’t be getting one under Hillary Clinton’s plan. You’ll get a government check and a training program but, you know, the country is at least $19 Trillion in the hole so more government spending will not produce a single job since the money will be taxpayer money. That's all they have. The government will either have to print it or tax more for it. It is more likely, if you should have a job, that you will lose that too.  

This is the same Stimulus Plan that President Obama trotted out in 2010 to the tune of $800 Billion dollars that only went to the states public unions to prop up his voter base and didn't create a thing but more debt. 

Trump knows the way to get real jobs going is to cut taxes. More money in your pocket, you spend it, you buy things you need or want, business grows. The more of your money you get to keep, the more money YOU get to spend. The choices you make are infinitely better than the choices the Government has been making with it ie: overthrowing Libya, dropping Billions of dollars in weapons into Iraq, bribing Iranian officials,etc. This is a foreign concept to people like Obama, Sanders and Clinton.  

Ironically, this is what President Kennedy did when he took office. He cut the corporate tax rate that was restricting business under the Eisenhower administration and the economy picked up quickly afterwards and did not stumble along for 8 long, long years like they are now.

Nowadays Mr. Kennedy would be considered a Conservative Republican. But the big difference between President Kennedy and President Obama is that Kennedy actually CARED about the United States
And now, after all this time, you can make a better choice than Barak Obama. Mr. Obama hasn’t managed to make a good choice yet when it comes to keeping the United States safe or solvent so all you have to do is make ONE good choice and you are ahead of the man.

Mr. Obama says that Donald Trump is the WRONG guy for the job. The President says that Donald Trump is UNFIT to hold the office of the Presidency.

Mr. Obama has held the office of the Presidency for 8 of the longest years of my lifetime and for many others; people working two part-time jobs with no benefits and without the hope of getting put on full-time, people who are not going to the doctor because their out-of-pocket expenses are too high, our many uncounted unemployed and people going to work, busting their ass and then having to stand in line behind healthy people with EBT cards at the supermarket.

What does Mr. Obama have to say to these people?

“Don’t vote for Trump, he doesn’t know what he’s doing.”

And we know what you’re doing Mr. President.

And it's time we put an end to it. 

Trump 2016!

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