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Monday, August 15, 2016

Blame Military Training For Killer Cops

“It’s more dangerous to be black in America. It’s both more dangerous because of crime, which is the Chicago story but it is more dangerous in that you’re substantially more likely to end up in a situation where police don’t respect you where you could easily get killed. I think sometimes for whites it’s difficult to appreciate how real that is.” – Republican Vice President hopeful, Newt Gingrich

Although not just a “Black thing” since the shooting rampage of the police forces in our nation goes beyond merely shooting black people. But when police are shooting Black people over a broken tail light, you just gotta think it's gotten beyond control.

It doesn't stop with one group of people however since the police are also shooting Whitey as well as Hispanics. In addition the police manage to indiscriminately shoot people in cross-fire situations, wounding many a passerby by irresponsibly discharging their weapons in public during shootings. You don't hear much about that either. 

This willful carnage by our nation’s police force is coming more to the forefront in the “Everybody has a Camera” age. Now we see what we’ve always suspected. Police are just shooting people down for things they have no reason to fire their weapon for. Some of the video that is going around is incredible. Police shooting fleeing women, men just getting out of their car, black people everywhere and now licensed gun owners who have done what they were supposed to and told the officer they were carrying. I have some friends on local police forces sending me videos of shootings that are unbelievable in their cold-bloodedness. A cop doesn’t feel like running after this kid so he just shoots him in the back. No law against a police officer shooting a “fleeing felon” right? And Black, White or Brown, we’re ALL potential fleeing felons and we are ALL potential targets. 

And when did failure to follow a police officer's instructions become a reason to shoot an unarmed person? It used to be a reason to hit you over the head with a flashlight but now it's the excuse all these killers with badges use to justify what they've done. "He didn't follow my instructions so I shot him." Are you fucking kidding me? We should FRY the next cop who uses this for an excuse. 

Neil Young sung in the 1970s of “Soldiers are cutting us down.” Now he can sing about the police in the new century.

And it’s not only been going on for some time but it’s increasing in its frequency and ferocity.

Many Killer Cops Skate

And most of these killers with a badge get away with it. They don’t even lose their jobs! The courts have long looked the other way in the fight for “Justice”. It doesn’t matter if they are wrong or right, they’ll bash your head in and let the courts clear them. The police are operating with impunity these days and only answer for what they do when it’s caught on video. Even then they don’t go to jail.

People are tired of seeing this and black people especially are fed up with the constant “Revolving Door of Justice” when it comes to prosecuting killer cops.

The Role of the Military

As everyone is well aware, the United States has been training and cycling soldiers through the Middle East for decades. Most of these are what they like to call “Citizen Soldiers” those in the Army Reserves or the Air National Guard. These soldiers actually have regular jobs that they work when they are not overseas killing people. Many of these reservists are police officers.

People in the military can and do receive preferential hiring when they leave military service and decide to go into law enforcement either at the local or state level. Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) also tout the numbers of ex-military people they employ. This has gone on for decades now and one thing the U.S. has a large surplus of is military veterans.

So many cops are Vets these days and many have done tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Many have done more than one tour in the Middle East. Some have done three.

Soldiers are trained to kill and get it done quickly. Whether you are A SEAL, Special Forces a Marine or an Army Regular, you are taught to focus on the primary objective: Kill the Enemy. Unlike an Army Regular, a Marine is trained to overrun enemy positions and to take casualties. That’s a special and intense focus. Not everyone can be a Marine and not everyone wants to. Ditto for the SEALS.

Improved Kill Ratio

Since the World War II there have been many in depth military studies on why troops shoot too high. These studies were used to try to improve the “Kill Ratio”, the number of bullets fired vs actual hits on the enemy, of U.S. soldiers. Since the American Civil War the top U.S. military commanders have been puzzled as to why troops have always shot too high and had very low kill rates. One psychological reason is that man has a natural aversion to killing another man. Another problem is that the human body goes into a “Stress Mode” when the shooting starts that restricts a person’s ability to shoot effectively, the pulse quickens, the pupils dilate and the body is flooded with hormones. So the military command has worked diligently since then to correct these “problems” and they have succeeded in grand fashion.

New training strategies work to desensitize soldiers to the act of killing and teach them not to feel responsible for their actions. So now when these guys pop in a door and make the decision to shoot, they hit the “target” at a percentage rate never before seen in the world. U.S. soldiers are the most efficient killers on the planet. Still.

It is also believed that this resulting “improvement” in training has also lead to increases in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

These are the people we are supplying to our nations police forces. They are institutionalized, desensitized killers who have had the smell of blood in their nostrils and now they've traded the uniform of the American Armed Services for that of a City or Town police officer. 

What can possibly go wrong?

Police Officers or Soldiers?

A collaboration of sorts has been taking place between the military and local and state police departments. The local forces have acquired an incredible amount of military gear. Laser sites, gas masks, night vision googles, military style bullet proof vests and leggings, armored vehicles, acoustic riot control vehicles, high powered and automatic weapons and military style systems training. All supplied by the Federal Government.

They aren’t just cops anymore, they have become a highly trained select military tactical force right here in every neighborhood. They have all the resources taxpayer money can buy.

So just who do they answer to now?

The Drug War

The War on Drugs and its sister police-state building sister, the Patriot Act, gave law enforcement organizations across the country the power and resources it needed to build up its fighting might. The progress our nation’s police forces have made in their military capabilities is unmistakable and alarming. Over the last decade especially they have greatly grown in strength. Even though the Drug War has crashed and burned the laws and their “kick in the door” attitude remains.

The confiscatory nature of the drug laws saw local and state police raking in millions of dollars from property seizures that still continue today with little media fanfare. The police have taken cash, cares, land and homes that are then sold at auction. Assets and their proceeds the department gets to keep. The police also routinely freeze with the intent of seizing bank assets that would otherwise have served to help the “Accused” with their legal defense because any financial assets are instantly deemed “ill gotten” without having to actually prove it. But that’s ok, they were guilty anyway. Otherwise, why would the police arrest them?

What happens if you protest these actions? You could lose your property too. All that is required is an accusation.

So don’t think for a moment that law enforcement will go along with drug legalization attempts. This is their livelihood we’re talking about.

Obama Not Helping

President Obama has this uncanny knack of saying the wrong thing at exactly the right time. After all this time can anybody think this is an accident? Our racial divide although never really addressed since the 1960s has laid dormant since the late70s has now been brought roaring back by a combination of an advancing militant police force and a race-baiting president. This will benefit no one.

It is no surprise that Mr. Obama will not admit there is a widening racial divide in the U.S. under his administration. One has to wonder if Obama will succeed where Charles Manson had failed in triggering a race war in this country.

Gun Legislation Now Dead

As a good Apparatchik, Comrade Obama has come out with his expected “take guns away, the problem is solved” rhetoric.  This will not happen no matter how many sit-ins occur now in Washington. Congress isn’t going to touch it. Nobody is going to give up their guns while battle lines are being drawn in the city streets. People will only hold them closer than ever before. 

What Now?

Ending the Drug Prohibition will help. The corresponding reduction in a standing police force will help also. The corresponding saving to the beleaguered American taxpayer will boost the economy.

Cutting back the totally corrupt Welfare System will also help. Continuing to subsidize a large group of people has not worked for us. Keeping people poor and stupid has not added wealth to this nation. Learning to make your own way in the world is the most enriching thing a human being can achieve in life. It’s time everyone had that opportunity again. The Welfare system is not doing anybody any favors and continuing to tell a group of people that they can't compete on a level playing field without government help will never get them on base in the game of life. The corresponding savings in taxes can go to drug rehab programs that this nation so sorely lacks.

We should end our wasteful wars that accomplish nothing but spreading violence throughout the world and creates tons of disabled warriors that we can't seem to be able to take care of. We have created a “Chicken or the Egg” cycle of violence that only increases and has not made anyone any safer. The result has been quite the opposite actually. This will also result in a net gain for the American taxpayer.

A rising economy will lift all boats. Ours has been an embarrassing flat-line of failure with the faces of GW Bush and Barak Obama on the IOUs. Putting our money back into our pockets so that we can spend it on the right things will further the nation more than any war or welfare check. 

Doing away with these wasteful influence buying, power-grabbing programs will bring the economy back so if you want a job in this country, you should be able to find one. The failed cycle of economic bribery that has been going on since the 1960s should be brought to an end. 

Or we can become a Police State. 

Take your pick. 

Trump 2016!

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