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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Trump Gets His Point Across

Whether you feel Donald Trump “won” his debate with Hillary Clinton Monday night or not, the one sure thing that did happen was that Mr. Trump left no doubt as to what he believes should be done to provide jobs and to bring the United States economy back from the edge of the cliff.

Instead of focusing on what Trump SHOULD have said, since we know his points already by heart, we should focus on what he DID say because he said a lot.

Donald Trump was on a roll before Lester Holt deftly stepped in to get him off of the prone body of Hillary Clinton. Had he not knocked him off his line of thought and put him on the defensive, Trump would have continued to pound Hillary on the Obama Economy and her long failure of a roll in it.

Donald Trump, speaking more to the American people out in Television Land than the debate audience, outlined his plan to cut the corporate tax rate to stimulate business growth. He railed against the excessive regulation that is not only killing existing businesses but keeping new businesses from forming.

Trump hit his points on foreign trade, jobs leaving the country, inner cities crushed by no work and high crime, and the Obama Government’s responsibility for it. He also blasted that POLITICAL HACK Janet Yellin at the Federal Reserve and let the people know just how precarious a bubble the economy is perched upon. Trump also accused Yellin of playing politics with the economy after promising to raise interest rates and then differing doing so until after the election. Trump even got in the fact that we are in the worst “recovery” period since the first Great Depression. All this he said.

It was clear even before this debate that this was going to be an election of who has the right idea of getting the economy going. There has been little left to the imagination from both candidates.

Hillary has told us again and again that she plans to tax our way to prosperity. Her plan to raise taxes on the “rich” to pay for the “work” programs to get the economy going again. The Robin Hood approach is a well-worn Democratic boiler-plate idea that has never failed to fail.

Economies do not work that way, never have. When an activity like spending is discouraged, the linchpin of the economy dries up. It was clear during the debate that Hillary has NO IDEA how business actually works or how to bring the economy back. Donald Trump is correct to say that it’s about time we had a president who knows money. He said that too during this debate.

We can go off about Hillary’s email. We can go off about her lying about it to Congress. We can go off on her use of the Clinton Foundation as a license to print money and more of her nefarious missteps and oversights, the worst being Bengazi since Ambassador Stephens saw it coming and asked for help, was ignored by Hillary’s State Department and now he and three of our best are dead. There was so much to say and so little time. We were all trying to fill in the blanks.

I know there were many people leaning in their chairs hoping for Donald to land that clean punch when Hillary said she had poise and stamina because she was interrogated by Congress for three hours. We all wanted to say “And why was that, Hillary?” And I’m sure there was many a Trump supporter yelling at the Television urging him to say more about Hillary’s email server tech, Paul Combetta, pleading 5th Amendment protection in front of a Congressional hearing.  But what he said was enough and acknowledging that Hillary did have experience but it was all bad experience certainly got the message across.

Could he have said more about Hillary? Sure, but he only had an hour and a half.

Donald Trump said everything he needed to say. We all wish he could have said more but it wasn’t us up on that stage with the camera’s and millions of people watching. It wasn’t us in a room full of people just looking for one flaw to undermine years of hard work and the hopes of productive people across the nation.

There will be more time to get it all in. 

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