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Friday, September 30, 2016

U.S. Propaganda Machine Girds for War in Syria

Oh, the children!

Day after day the leftist press:CNN, The Huffington Post, New York Times, MSNBC and Fox News roll out the articles, articles you can't comment on, and pictures of the "Children of Aleppo" and the humanitarian crisis that nobody fucking cared about until the "Rebels" backed by the United States, France, Germany and England began to LOSE the war they've been waging with Bashir Assads Syrian government forces.

And if Doctors without Borders really gave a Goose-Stepping FART about the children of Aleppo they would be calling on the parents, the anti-government "rebels", to throw down their arms and surrender "for the children". If the insurgents would just put down their arms, the Syrians and the Russians would stop bombing them and the children would be safe.

But NO, they can't do that now can they? That would mean the civil war would be over and that Assad would re-gain control of the country again and the above named Imperial Coalition would not!

So it's obviously not about the children.

Oh, and here's a quick tip on how not to get your hospital bombed: Quit firing your U.S. supplied anti-aircraft missiles from either the hospital rooftop or the hospital grounds. We've seen this act all over the Middle East. They've been warned so it should come as no surprise. Apparently a press photo op is more important than the lives of women, children and wounded fighters.

So now everyday there is outrage in the news, the White House and the U.N. that there is war, yes, war going on in Syria and that Assad and his Russia thugs are fighting back. How dare they fight back! Didn't Obama and that cardboard cut-out of a Secretary of State, John Kerry say they wanted Assad out? Then why isn't he going? And why are the Russians coming to his aid? Oh, yeah, that's right, Russia is an Ally. They signed a contract and everything.

Now what sort of deal does the United States have with Syria? None. The United States has no legitimate alliance with any group in Syria and is too far away from the conflict to even know who is using the weapons they are indiscriminately supplying. We are only told that they are Moderate Muslims if such a thing actually exists any more. This is one of those "foreign entanglements" the framers of the U.S. Constitution always warned us about. No good has come from these affairs and no good will come from this one either. Just look at how well Libya turned out.

But any excuse will serve a Tyrant and the Obama Regime is nothing if not tyrannical when it comes to what they want. They will find some excuse to throw more U.S. troops and arms into the region and continue to intervene in the Syrian Civil War. But they have to be discrete so they have the U.N. invent a humanitarian crisis so they can use yet another force of "coalition partners" to step in.

Wars need winners. What the U.S. and its European enablers are doing is prolonging the conflict so more people die. Had the U.S. not intervened, the war would have been over two, three years ago and everybody would have gone home by now.

But no, Assad must go. Why? Because we said so!

And so more U.S. taxpayer money, money we haven't even earned yet because we're $20 Trillion dollars in debt, is being cast upon the Syrian sands because Obama said so and as a result more bodies will burn.

Until our War President, Barack Obama is finally out of office we are going to have to put up with all the impotent phoney-balonie hand wringing coming out of the government media machine.

It's all they got.

The U.S. should just pack it in. Not just in Syria but in the whole Middle East. The only sponsor of terror in the world right now that I see is the United States. We have toppled stable governments and replaced them with chaotic fanatics. We have put an unmixable populace of religious fanatics (also of our making) on the move to countries that don't understand them and can't afford to take them. We have armed groups of radicals with an axe to grind against their governments who would never have had the resources to rebel if WE didn't fund and supply them. This is straight out of the Roman Book of Conquest

Here is a paraphrased piece written by Celtic historian Graeme Talboys:

"Roman techniques for conquest were sophisticated. Trade was generally the first step, with increasingly stringent and monopolistic treaties being enforced. Some groups are picked out for favorable treatment, creating civil discontent. Training and weapons are then provided for the malcontents who would other wise have little impact on their own society. If challenged about this, any imperial power will usually either deny involvement or will talk about support for the oppressed and a desire to bring freedom and political enlightenment to barbarians who, despite their uncouth ways and and lack of the benefits of civilized society, are always painted as a threat."

Sound familiar?

 Aleppo will fall and Assad and Putin will finally win a war in the television era unless Obama does something really really stupid.

Don't count that out.

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