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Monday, October 10, 2016

Milquetoast Ryan Abandons Party Conservatives

I guess Mr. Ryan, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, thinks this presidential election is all about himself. Perhaps he thinks himself alone in his feelings. Or perhaps he is just favors someone else entirely.

So today Paul Ryan is appalled. Yes that's right, he's appalled by what he has heard. He just can't believe his ears! He was most upset and saddened by the news that...

Donald Trump apparently likes Pussy.

Ultimately, Mr. Ryan didn't take this news well and now he has announced, to the glee of the Political Left, that he just can't bring himself to support Donald Trump, his party's Presidential Nominee and will now only focus on not letting Hillary Clinton take the Presidential Throne with a Democratic Congressional Majority.

As if she'll even need one at that point.

Paul Ryan, in exercising his self-elected brand of voter nullification, has forgotten the stakes of this election. He has overlooked or perhaps he just can't see from his high perch that the economy is turning to shit. That good full-time jobs are dwindling, that the Affordable Healthcare Act is un-affordable, that millions of people are receiving food stamps and that many American workers are living pay-check to pay-check.

Perhaps he has not pondered the Supreme Judicial Court nominee waiting to be confirmed.

Or perhaps he has a plan of his own.

If Trump should lose this election, Mr. Ryan is going to lose the majority speaker-ship within two years anyway. It won't matter a hill of beans what he does after this. The Republican party deserves to lose the majority in the House. They have done nothing to hold onto it. They've abandoned their candidate and they have abandoned their electorate. What more can they do to undermine their cause?

Actually to say they have abandoned Donald Trump is to imply that they had ever given him anything but grudging acknowledgement as the Republican Nominee.

But Donald Trump is where he is because most people voted for him. This is why we hold elections. They didn't vote for smarmy Ted, the landed and entitled Mr. Bush, the decidedly un-dynamic Mr. Walker or that idiot Kasich ,

Trump didn't buy his way to the nomination, he was endorsed by a large group of people who represent the most conservative section of the Republican Party. Even though a majority of them are registered as Independent, they vote Republican. And for decades they have waited for a real conservative candidate.

Only to now be told that Conservatism is no longer allowed in the Republican Party.

In this election cycle, Donald Trump has electrified the Conservative Voter. Across the nation more people have voted in the primaries than they did the last two election cycles. He has gotten out the vote and he will continue to get out the vote. Whether he wins or not is a big unknown at this point but Mr. Trump has mounted an unprecedented campaign.

A campaign against not only the Liberal Democratic Party but also against the Liberal Republican Party.

But a lot of hard working people, people who pay their taxes and aspire to do the right thing, are pulling for Donald Trump. They feel, rightly, that many of the ideals they believe in are what he believes in also. Ideals that they see, more and more, the Republican Party abandoning. They want somebody to stand up to the special interests and big government that does not take their opinions and their rights in regard. They feel they have lost their voice in government.

And Paul Ryan has confirmed that they have. 

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