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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

China Goeth Before a Fall

China does not own Taiwan.

They never did.

They aren’t even the same people.

The children of Mao Zedong and the children of Chiang Kai-shek, although both born of murderous totalitarian cloth, have gone in glaringly different directions since the final banishment of 1949. 

Taiwan did not become Chinese, the Chinese who went there became Taiwanese. And while the Taiwanese are a reflective people now delving into the examination of atrocities of the past, mainland China has no such reflective spirit. Their past suppression and killings of their own people go unresolved in favor of pointing fingers at Japan. Mao Zedong remains a close third on the list of top totalitarian murders behind Stalin and Hitler. Should history make more revelations, Mao could yet reach number 2.

Today the people of Taiwan are facing their bloody history at the hands of Chaing Kai-shek, even building a memorial museum to victims of the 228 Incident and the White Terror but on mainland China, although they may have abandoned the “Communist” ideology a bit for the sake of making some real money, haven’t given up on the suppression of their history, news ideas and thought of freedom that still lie within the people.

And Taiwan is a Democracy whereby they have regular and free elections to see who will exercise government power and where victory at the polls confers real power to the winner.

China…not so much.

I have met many people from China who now live in the U.S. and the first thing they tell me when I ask them “So, what brings you to this part of the world?” is that they now get to live the life they wish to lead. “We do not have much freedom in China” one woman who my company hired part-time and who is also a graduate student at Harvard University said to me, “To achieve the things I want in life, I had to leave.” I’m sure there are many more who remain less fortunate.

To say that China and Taiwan are one is absurd. There is only one China and there is only one Taiwan. There is far more than 110 miles separating the two nations. 

China's Shaky Pins

China may be flexing its muscles in the South Seas but it is a precarious perch for the new bully on the block. One does not have to worry about getting into an arms race to change the balance of power however. All the United States has to do is withdraw China’s Most Favored Nation trading status and impose tariffs on Chinese imports and things will change rapidly.

China’s out there blowing a lot of dough on armaments, building island military bases and planning trips to the moon. It would be a shame if the money ran out before they can finish all that, wouldn’t it. It wouldn’t take long.

We’ve been kissing China’s ass since 1972 screwing Taiwan and ourselves in the process. We have had to put up with a lot of China's nationalistic economic bullshit since then. The dumping of cheap Chinese steel into the United States helped kill our steel production and turned a once iconic steel mill in Easton Pennsylvania into a Sands gambling casino.

Then there is the matter of China’s currency manipulation. See China's government declare their economic independence and might while reaching for the oxygen masks!

But this is very easy to unravel. The action will cause prices to rise here at home but with the coming economic changes on the horizon, the income of working Americans will rise to meet this challenge. Once domestic product kicks into gear, there will be no shortage of goods. They’ll just be made better and last longer.

Despite the last 16 years of spendthrift egomaniac presidents trying to give away the U.S. economy, it’s about time we had a fiscally conservative egomaniac president looking to bring it roaring back.

I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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