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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Obama Cult Thrives

Cult:/ a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object , a misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular person or thing.

An election was held and the result was that President Obama’s entire 8 years in office was repudiated and rejected by a majority of the American Voting Public.

Citizen businessman Donald Trump, a man nobody but a few observant individuals thought would win the presidency won the presidency. Why?

Because the Cult of the Political Left has forgotten that it’s the people who work that matter most in this country and you can’t ignore them forever. Or for 8 years in this instance.

The Left in Denial

So the Left invents Russian Intervention. The Left invents the Myth of the Popular Vote. The Left invents ANY excuse except the reality that their own blind indoctrinated Marxism DOES NOT WORK…Again!

But they won’t believe it. It had to be something else, some outside force, some THING that got in the way of their POWER GRAB.

And it was all only a power grab since they knew from the beginning that none of the crap they were pulling was going to put one FARTHING into the pockets of the poor or the middle class. It was all designed to put THEM in a position that would eventually be impossible to dislodge them from. It would be the Political Left who would Dictate. The Political Left that would Command!

But a funny thing about this country and the world’s most unique document, the U.S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights, that governs it.

It still works!

And those alive today are witness, love it or not, to our nations system of government. You don’t like what’s happening? Well, you CAN change it after all now can’t you?

It still remains to be seen where this all will lead but one thing is for sure, the group that was leading the nation to certain Chaos is no longer at the helm. They are OUT! And good riddance because THEY SUCKED ASS!

Obama Could Do No Wrong

But yet he was so wrong on almost everything. I could run a litany of willfully executed actions that really can’t be called mistakes because, well, President Obama did them all on purpose. He had a plan to execute and he did so to the best of his abilities. He tried so hard to break the nation. He tried to break us by squandering the nation’s funds. He tried to break us by regulating businesses out of existence. He tried to break us by blowing a hole in the U.S. economy with his useless takeover to the national medical industry and driving costs through the roof. He tried to break us by sending our military everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Mr. Obama tried so many ways to destroy, pull down and deconstruct the American Way of Life.

But he couldn’t do it.

The U.S. System of government was designed specifically for a guy like Obama and the nation’s founders knew a guy like him was going to come. There have been bad presidents before but never was there a president that actually hated what the United States stood for. In this aspect, Mr. Barack Obama stands alone atop the Parthenon of bad Presidents. He is the worst. Former president Jimmy Carter can now breathe a sigh of relief.

The Real Fake News

But to hear the tale told by the Leftist press, the Affordable Care Act was the balm for the pain of the poor! That all those regulations by Obama’s minion running his Ministries saved businesses! That unemployment is the lowest it’s been EVER in history! That Mr. Obama’s policies overseas have left this nation safer, yes, safer than at any time in our history.

Obama's Myth

All the statistics are true and you can’t tell anybody who believes anything else. They have stopped listening. Global Warming is a proven science even though no real scientist can state such a thing since science, like history, is always in motion, a flux of discoveries and disputes. But there is no dispute in this case. To do so risks excommunication.

Is Trump a Cult Too?

It is true that there were a lot of staunch Trump supporters out there. They had to be to endure the constant barrage of vitriol,  hateful misinformation and outright on-the-air attacks by the Leftist press corps who where staunchly in the bucket for Hillary Clinton but also glaring against YOU, the regular working American taxpayer. 

But there were a lot of people who voted for Donald Trump who clearly did not like him either. The big difference with them was that they either hated Hillary Clinton more or were worried about the future they saw coming under a Clinton Regime. They saw the nation unraveling and heard Ms. Clinton say she wasn't going to change a thing. That didn't wash with them and so they held their noses and voted for Trump. And even the media people who said they voted for him continue to criticize him. 

Not exactly cult-like behavior in my estimation. 

Now What?

So the future of our victory over the Left is that we are now destined to fight to keep it. We must continue to ignore the Leftist Press and expect that this denial will continue for the next 4 years at least. They will not stop and neither will we. In this fashion we as a nation will continue to grow intellectually and spiritually with the fight to gain and keep freedom a constant everyday struggle against the closely encamped forces of our own oppression. 

Against people who look like us but who only see the bad America and ignore the good. 

This is how American freedom works and so the forces of the Left have been vanquished. 

For now. 

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