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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Trump Juggernaut Steamrolls Sanctuary Cities

As President Trump would say; “Such a good idea. Such a good idea, folks.”

Entering the country illegally doesn't make you a citizen any more than breaking into a house makes you a part of the family. 

There should be no Federal reward for defying the law. Especially some as important as Immigration Law. It's not like we're talking about banning weed. This is the stuff that causes nations to tumble. 

To drive home the type of mentality we're dealing with in these liberal states, Massachusetts State Attorney General and failed Gubernatorial candidate once said; “It’s technically not illegal to be illegal in Massachusetts.’

This is what we're dealing with. 
These Liberal Mayoral syndicates running these illegal Safe Harbors like to refer to the United States as a "Nation of Immigrants" and we are but not everyone coming into the country is an immigrant as defined by law. 

Some immigrants, like my Great Grand Parents, came over legally. The Irish were invited by industrialists of the day to come to America with the full blessing of the Federal Government. A process was put into play to receive them all at Ellis Island. People came and were processed into the nation. This included delousing and vaccination shots. 

That was the process and that was LEGAL.

But what is happening is certainly not legal and it’s not right. Neither is it right to use taxpayer dollars in the support of illegal immigration. There’s no future in a nation doing such things and everyone knows.

The Political Left likes to draw the bizarre parallel that the illegal alien situation is akin to the old Boston Abolitionist movement prior to the last Civil War. They are sheltering these illegals from the big bad Federal Government that who wishes to send them back to their impoverished underdeveloped nations.

Well, yeah, that’s the idea. They’re here illegally and they’re breaking the law. And it is the lax enforcement of our immigration laws that has been pissing off U.S. Citizens, naturalized and indigenous alike, for well over a decade. They’re jumping the line and causing big problems socially and economically. 

That's what the LAST president, What's His Name, allowed. 

Limousine-Liberal Do-Gooders don’t give a flying shit about people coming into the country legally and playing by the rules. That’s just the wrong kind of immigrant to them. Just like the rest of us tax-paying, law abiding citizens over the last 8 years, they don’t count.

We see this Leftist Myopia all the time in their bizarre acceptance of the subjugation of women by Saudi Arabia, the dismissal of success by the “wrong black people” like Justice Clarence Thomas and former Florida Congressman Allen West and ignoring the historical achievements of the “wrong women” like Trump Campaign Manager Kelly Anne Conway and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

They’re just not the role models the Left can leverage. 

Breaking Federal Law doesn't give cities the right to receive taxpayer dollars to support illegal aliens with perks ranging from free rent, free healthcare and free college tuition. These city mayors can still skirt the law but they will have to get the money from somewhere else. 

That somewhere else, btw, is going to be from local taxpayers. Lets just see how happy they'll be with the added cost of their "Compassion". 

President Trump has every right to pull Federal funding from these self-declared Sanctuary Cities and they know it better than anyone. 

This move and the move to pull funding from overseas abortion providers is the start of the dismantling of the Federal Gravy Train on many levels and saving taxpayer cash as a result.

There are better things to do with the money. 

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