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Monday, September 28, 2015

United States of Obama on Wrong Side of Syrian Conflict.

Can the Obama Regime get it any more wrong?  President Obama is blaming everyone but himself for the debacle that has become the U.S. Middle East policy.

Millions of taxpayer dollars wasted. Millions more borrowed and printed, squandered and every group with a name that can be abbreviated, armed.

And THEY think Assad is the madman.

Guess again. At least Assad isn’t delusional.

With all the shenanigan's the U.S. has pulled in the Middle East over the last 14 years, never wanting to actually win the conflict but only using the situation to sell armaments to all sides and to write extensive big money contracts to connected contractors, is there any surprise at the vacuum of leadership in the area. 

So Vladimir Putin and Russia have now taken the initiative in Syria and are garnering more support in the Middle East and with Israel. And what does Israel have to lose? The Obama Regime has become it’s second worst enemy after Iran. Why wouldn’t they invite Russia to dinner?

Now distance is starting to really make a difference in this situation. Russia is right next door and the United States might as well be on the Moon. With their lack of presence and even worse, their lack of credibility, the United States has proven to be an ineffectual ally. Who wants us to help them now? Just send money. In all things Middle East these days, the U.S. is just too far away. Any move now will be expensive and cumbersome. It's going to take more than a drone strike to fix this. 

So it is Russia that is forming the alliances with Iraq and Iran to fight the U.S. armed and trained insurgency. It is the United States that is on the wrong side of the conflict and what the future will show as the wrong side of history.

Who is more trustworthy in the region now? Russia is and deservedly so.

They will trust the stable Vladimir Putin over the indecisive Barack Obama, the stalwart Sergey Lavrov over that pinhead John Kerry. This pretty much goes without saying.  I mean, why wouldn’t they? Will it be long before France starts to coordinate with the Russian forces in the area. This would be a "Broad Coalition". Something the United States should have been able to do but have no clue now on how to proceed. 

Putin is right on the money when he says the U.S. has sponsored Social Experiments in the form of Democratic Revolutions for which he blamed as the root cause of the continued conflict in the Middle East.  It all began with the Obama government’s sponsoring the overthrow Egypt’s government in order to replace it with a radical Islamic State.  Obama then followed with the arming and support of radical groups all over the region. Obama and his minions were virtually hunting groups to arm and begging to train anybody who even looked like they would fight for the clandestine objectives of the United States. There weren’t many takers.

So Putin accuses the U.S. of starting the conflict and Obama responded by saying “Oh, yeah?…Well same to you buddy!”   
It seems by throwing in with the Man with the Real Plan, other Middle Eastern nations are voting with their feet and throwing their support to the Russia dictator’s solution, not the American dictator’s solution. Having been a dictatorship far longer than the U.S., Russia is just plain better at it than the “Man Who Would Rule the United States”.

Word has it that Obama will bypass Congress to form a new solution to the old solution. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Muslim Invaders Tear EU to Shreds

Like my mother always told me when I got into trouble and I tried to defend myself by saying that Johnny was doing it too, she’d say, “If Johnny jumped off a cliff, would you?”

So now I’d like to alter that a bit: “If Germany jumped off a cliff, should the rest of the EU do it too?”

But now, not just merely content to point the finger at the European Union countries that do NOT want these hordes of Muslim interlopers to move into their relatively peaceful nations, the EU has now come up with a plan to MAKE them take these people.

Good thinking.

And to think, before this all started, the European Union's only concern was that it was in danger of going bankrupt. Now with that notion just a quaint side story, the EU decides that it's better to just blow it up before it can collapse financially.

It’s bad enough that Germany, the country that is running the EU anyway and THINKS it has the wealth and political capital to absorb a stunning 800,000 people in just the first year, has started this human flood by declaring they will welcome as many Syrians, Afghans, Yemenis, Lebanese etc.

And so now, since Germany has finally figured out that they actually CAN’T handle the hordes of people they so naively invited in has decided to foist these people upon the nations that had the good sense in the first place to recognize what a tremendous blunder Germany was making and wanted no part of the situation.


Now according to Brussels, everyone must share the burden whether they like it or not.

Or will they?

I don’t see Hungary taking the plan to force these people they have so painstakingly worked to discourage into their country. Ditto the Czech Republic and Slovakia if these Visigoths are shoved down their throats involuntarily and if they have no voice in the decision making process they will be wondering why they are involved in the EU in the first place and exploring new alliances could be in the cards. I mean, if they are just going to be marginalized and dictated to, why put up with that?

Denmark’s go the right idea. They’ve slashed welfare benefits to immigrants and if you want to settle there, you have to,,,choke,,,learn their language. What a novel idea! I'll bet Denmark is not high on the migrant list of destinations. Beat us at the border, don't let us take the trains but NO WELFARE MONEY!? Dammit! I'm going to Germany!

Even the nations that want to take these dubious refuges blanch at the staggering number of the Muslim Baby Boomers streaming across the borders into the EU. They know the writing is on the wall and their forced welcoming smiles, also like my mother told me, now held too long will freeze upon their faces.

England and France, long known for their forced sincerity are back pedaling faster than a professional Log Roller at the Lumberjack World Championships as France's cut of the immigrant pie allotment according the the EU allocation chart is far lower than the number they vowed to take originally. They have enough cars burned every year in their segregated Muslim slums and they really shouldn’t be adding any more unhappy future arsonists if they can possibly avoid it.  It also remains to be seen how many of these illegals that the United Kingdom will actually take since every time David Cameron opens his mouth the number decreases. The reality will probably be even lower.

So now it’s a grim lottery. What we will see during the “sorting out” process, once they can get to the sorting out process, will be streams of trains running in the opposite direction taking a great many of these “masses yearning to breathe free” back to wherever the hell it is they actually came from. Or maybe just close enough to count. And that is something that seems to have been outlawed in the United States but will be Job #1 in the EU in the coming months.

But they won't go quietly and they won't go peacefully. 

And the damage done to The Union will be deep and fatal. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Middle East Solution: Quit Arming Everybody!

Quit trying to train one group of people to fight another. Quit giving anybody with a grudge and a Koran a gun and a reason to use it. Get the hell out of the Middle East altogether so they can reach equilibrium on their own.

The Middle East is just an open air market for weapons of mass destruction furnished by your “friends” the United States Government.

You may ask yourself now, after 14 years of buildups, pullouts, surges and training goals, just how many enemies can the United States make in the region? The answer comes in the form of another question: How many people are IN the region?

How much death and destruction can the Obama Administration sew? After watching the previous presidential regime of George W. Bush take a “Don’t Kill the Job” position in Afghanistan and Iraq where winning the war wasn’t really on the agenda. Just keep throwing people, money and arms into the place and SOMETHING good may happen.

Well, it never did and every day, week, month or year we spend over there will not bring us any closer to an ending. Get out.

There isn’t a working brain cell in anybody in the U.S. military who thought that they could train and arm a Syrian force to go after Bashar al-Assad.

It’s all been a colossal hoax, all a lie. And all the money, U.S. taxpayer money, a commodity that grows in shorter supply every day, is gone in an instant. What happened?

Nobody knows. It’s all a game to these people. Nothing is real.

If you wish to know why a general mood of despair is gripping the U.S. military, then look no further. The military has become a politicized den of ineptitude that cannot bring itself to actually do the job that it was designed to do: kill the enemy and take all their shit.

If our military can’t do this or its commanders lack the will to carry this out then it should NOT be deployed.

We’ve wasted 14 years on a mishmash of ideas and lack of an end-game. Just what were we supposed to do if we win?

But that’s a moot point now.

There are still people in our government still talking like we are going to send over a large force and finally end the war and wipe out ISIL. Just how delusional is that? 

ISIL is the best armed force in the region because we gave them the best weapons indirectly. We first gave them to our friends the Iraqi Army. They in turn dropped them into the hands of ISIL. There is also evidence that our U.S. forces actually trained some of ISILs’ top leaders just as we did the Afghans when the Soviets were pushing through the country.  Now the forces that turned the tables on the Russians are turning the tables on us by our own design. 

ISIL is our people, the Iraqi Army are our people, the Kurds are our people. They are ALL our people fighting each other over there. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that we're training the Russians and supplying them with armored vehicles. 

We are done wasting resources on people who won’t fight for themselves and who are all too willing to enable ISIL to take over.

We’ve helped too. 

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Muslim Hordes Poised to Overrun Europe!

Doesn’t look like the European Union has spent any time studying the “American Example” of letting too many people into the country that have no vested interest in the nation beyond receiving benefits that the taxpaying citizenry receives but also pays for. With some reports stating that anywhere from 51% to 71% of our burgeoning illegal immigrant population receive some form of assistance whether that be Food Stamps, Section 8 type housing allowance, WIC (Women, Infants & Children) Benefits, A Welfare Stipend, Free Public School Education for the kids, Instate Tuition for the college bound kids and Free Health Care. Take your pick.

What is happening in the United States is that the government is jamming large groups of kids into public school systems that don’t speak English and expecting the teachers to prepare them, as well as the other students in those classes, for mandated evaluation exams. Increasing class sizes and integrating non-english speaking students is a recipe for disaster. What is happening also is that communities are being put under tremendous pressure to house these people and to provide for their needs. 

The bottom line is that there are quite a bit of resources going to these people that are paid for by resident taxpaying workers in a time of economic contraction and declining wages. Every dime that is taken for this assistance means less for the people who pay, less for the businesses they would otherwise frequent and less for the overall economy of the nation. In short: A downward spiral. 

The reason why we are stumbling through the Obama years is that too much is given away for free and the people who are paying for it have to make hard economic choices when it comes to their spending. It’s the taxpayer that is going without, not the illegal immigrant.

This imbalance has proven to be the unsettlement of the nation.

The reason we even had Health Insurance in the first place was to protect us from crippling balloon payments connected with costs of health care. But now we have big payments for everything AND we still have to pay the insurance premiums.  It’s like we’re paying into a system so that we can be allowed to pay into the system. And on the other end, it’s all being handed out for little or no costs. Their costs are SUBSIDIZED by the American taxpayer who, right now, is struggling to keep ahead of the rising costs of food, housing and yes, HEALTH CARE.

This model will not stand.

Yes, the United States is a melting pot but this is not the way to do it. 

On to Europe!

So now the turmoil of endless warfare and the ever growing injection of increasingly sophisticated weaponry into the region by the United States in its unthinking effort to “Shovel Shit Against the Tide” in the Middle East has started an Exodus.  And since the EU has enacted welcoming laws like those of the United States, rather than stand and fight, the great unwashed masses of the Middle East have decided to take the path of least resistance and head to the wealthiest states in the Union. They can give two shits about Hungary or Poland, heck, they got nothing for them. No, they are making a B-line towards Germany and Austria, the most well-to-do, for now, states in the EU.

And why not, these people aren’t just content to be out of their war-torn countries, they want MORE. More of what YOU have since you have become rich beyond measure in comparison to them.  THEY want what YOU have. And now’s the time you give it to them.  After all, you’re suckers to begin with so why not see how much they can take? It’s only human nature.

AND the added benefit of the Middle East is that these hordes asking for help from the Christians are Muslim, a group that is notorious for not assimilating into countries they invade. And why should they? It is YOU that must change. Witness the protests and the demands these interlopers have been making in Hungary. Will they be any different somewhere else? I think not.

Hungarian leader Vicktor Orban, has been heavily criticized in the International Press for being, of all things, Nationalistic! He has referred to the immigrants as "illegal". He has warned that Christians will be the minority in Europe it this mass migration continues. He has been accused of hypocrisy because he was raised an Atheist. It’s as if it is a crime in itself to have a love of country or perhaps to even find God, especially if it is a Christian one. Seeing the situation for what it is has made Mr. Orban a lightning rod for scrutiny. 

But for whatever reason, we already have evidence of what happens in countries where the Christians become a minority. They get Run Out on a Rail or killed and their churches burned. This has been happening recently in India, Egypt, Syria and Saudi Arabia, Niger and Israel to name just a few.

When people are out to get you, “Paranoia” becomes just “Good Thinking”.

It is easy for The Global(ist) Media to criticize people opposed to this human influx, put out pictures of drowned kids and lead the charge to champion the "plight" of these poor, poor, poor people who have the money to pay thousands of dollars for passage and who all seem to be holding smart phones. It won't be THEY who will have to deal with the consequences of this mass immigration.

But ultimately it is the competition for resources that will be the biggest conflict. With nations heavily in debt, where is the money going to come from? With large groups of unmutable peoples, how are the host countries going to deal with the discontent that will invariably arise from too many people chasing too few resources. How can a country the size of Germany possibly prepare for 300,000, 500,000, 800,000 people?

Good question, glad I asked it. 

Why Europe? 

A question also comes to mind of why, with all these other Muslim countries these "Migrants" can "Emigrate" to, are all these people heading straight to Europe? Wouldn't they rather be with people who believe in what they believe or is there something else involved?

We don't hear any pledges to take ANY of these Syrian refugees coming from Iran, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Indonesia, Pakistan, Egypt, Turkey, Sudan, Algeria, Jordan or the UAE, No, it is Europe who will best set these people "yearning to be free" up in style better than any of these places with free lodging, clothes and free schooling. At least until they can set up their own separate religious schools.

Back in 1675 in New England, King Philip had the Colonials on the ropes early in what has come to be known as King Philip’s War. Towns like Springfield, Middleboro and Deerfield had to be abandoned or nearly abandoned and by putting people on the move, the more established towns were really put out in their efforts to support these “refugees”. It momentarily changed the war in the favor of the Indians. If it wasn’t for the scourge of European diseases and lack of food, King Philip may well have triumphed in his efforts to rid New England of the invaders. At least temporarily.
Putting people on the move has always been a good tactic in warfare since it ultimately destabilizes an enemy’s position when they have to absorb so many people.

This time the enemy has put people who are more like them on the move rather than like the people they are going to. Doesn’t take a genius to see the problems.

We need only look to America.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Obama Channels Al Gore

Whoever gets to write the History of our nation 200 years from now will most likely highlight the idea that way back when, people who controlled the major governments of the world also were so self-possessed and so enamored of the power they possessed that they actually thought they could also control the weather.

And so here we are watching the President of the United States kick off his new career as the next big “thang” in climate change. And why not, after watching Al Gore compile not just a small fortune but quite a big one from his self-made pulpit of the Church of Global Warming, who could blame him?

Picture Mr. Gore, a career politician who suddenly found himself out of work at the hands of what we can only refer to as KARMA in regards to his close-but-no-cigar attempt to alter the outcome of the 2000 presidential election, sitting home after his concession and freaking out that he may actually have to find a real J-O-B. "What do I do? What do I do?" he says over and over to himself, running his fingers through his hair in front of the television set in his office. But then the cable channel he's watching begins a broadcast of the Burt Lancaster movie "Elmer Gantry" and suddenly Al Gore gets the most brilliant idea of his political career. “I've got it. I will be the CHAMPION of the PLANET! I will become… Mr. Global Warming!”

“And then I will become Mr. Gazzillionaire!”

And he is.

In fact, Al Gore became so rich jetting all over the country and the world promoting this non-sense to all the Anti-Capitalists in California, Europe and Canada who all couldn't wait to run to the hand to put their cash in, it doesn’t take a Rhodes Scholar or a perhaps a Community Organizer, to see where the big money is.

The BIG money is in promoting FEAR! 

Oh, now some may buy into the Dale Carnegie theory about "arousing an eager want" in people and trying to see the other point of view but Mr. Gore, lacking in those fundamental skills opted to just spew his brand of doom upon the world and scare the crap out of everybody to great results and heaping wads o' cash.   

The seas will boil! No wait, they'll rise. Ooh, that's better, yes the seas will RISE and drown your grandmother as she sits in her rocking chair on her front porch! You want your grandmother to drown? I think NOT! And your little dog, he'll be TOAST as the hot sun scorches the Earth bare!

Oh, and the seals, they will have NO ICE!

That's right, the poor little harp seal pup (cue video of big eyed baby Harp Seal flopping around) will have no ice upon which to lay his cute little furry head! Aw, isn’t he cute? Who will help the Harp Seal?

And who wouldn’t want to help the Polar Bear? Why they need ice too!

Even though NONE of the gloomy predictions made in the 1980s, the 1990s and even in 2000 about how crappy life in these United States will be in the year 2015 due to the change of weather have ever even come close to being true, SOMETHING has to be done TODAY because "mark my words, 25 years from now…blah, blah, blah."

As it stands right now in the year 2015, our lives are only crappy because of the grasping over-taxing all-encompassing government that won’t let us keep enough of our money to keep most of use or the economy going, and certainly NOT because of the weather.

The Conundrum of Alaska Development

So the message is that the nation has to do something and do something quick to LIMIT Climate Change and it’s horrible, devastating and dangerous effects that we will all be seeing any day now.

But on the OTHER HAND, since business is still lousy in the United States after 8 years of not a whole lot of growth despite all the self-congratulations by the current administration, we will let business suffer at our own peril. We still need to develop!

This is why Shell gets to drill in the Arctic region counter to the Climate Change campaign and that Mr. Obama has called for a whole lot more ice breaker ships to be built for the region. But the ice is melting, right?

Some may see the irony of calling to cut development to aid the planet and to spur development to aid Alaska but the reality is that Mr. Obama has to deal with a group of hard-core individuals that Mr. Gore never had to think about, namely The Russians. Those resources sitting under all that melting Alaskan permafrost may just go to the people who can get to them first.

So more icebreakers it is. Could it be that they will be...Solar powered icebreakers?

Anyway, in an attempt to discourage the Russians, not destroy the fragile U.S. economy AND save the planet long enough for the president to grab some of that lucrative Climate Change lecture cash once he's out of office, Mr. Obama has to try to have it every way he can think of to come out looking good to the people who’ll pay the money to have him as a speaker.

Looks like the planet will be the odd man out once again, sigh.

But then what on God's Green Earth would the future Reverend Barack Obama talk about while traveling with his Climate Ministry?  This way the development will be allowed to happen and then he'll get to rail about it later. 

Win win, baby, win win.