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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Muslim Hordes Poised to Overrun Europe!

Doesn’t look like the European Union has spent any time studying the “American Example” of letting too many people into the country that have no vested interest in the nation beyond receiving benefits that the taxpaying citizenry receives but also pays for. With some reports stating that anywhere from 51% to 71% of our burgeoning illegal immigrant population receive some form of assistance whether that be Food Stamps, Section 8 type housing allowance, WIC (Women, Infants & Children) Benefits, A Welfare Stipend, Free Public School Education for the kids, Instate Tuition for the college bound kids and Free Health Care. Take your pick.

What is happening in the United States is that the government is jamming large groups of kids into public school systems that don’t speak English and expecting the teachers to prepare them, as well as the other students in those classes, for mandated evaluation exams. Increasing class sizes and integrating non-english speaking students is a recipe for disaster. What is happening also is that communities are being put under tremendous pressure to house these people and to provide for their needs. 

The bottom line is that there are quite a bit of resources going to these people that are paid for by resident taxpaying workers in a time of economic contraction and declining wages. Every dime that is taken for this assistance means less for the people who pay, less for the businesses they would otherwise frequent and less for the overall economy of the nation. In short: A downward spiral. 

The reason why we are stumbling through the Obama years is that too much is given away for free and the people who are paying for it have to make hard economic choices when it comes to their spending. It’s the taxpayer that is going without, not the illegal immigrant.

This imbalance has proven to be the unsettlement of the nation.

The reason we even had Health Insurance in the first place was to protect us from crippling balloon payments connected with costs of health care. But now we have big payments for everything AND we still have to pay the insurance premiums.  It’s like we’re paying into a system so that we can be allowed to pay into the system. And on the other end, it’s all being handed out for little or no costs. Their costs are SUBSIDIZED by the American taxpayer who, right now, is struggling to keep ahead of the rising costs of food, housing and yes, HEALTH CARE.

This model will not stand.

Yes, the United States is a melting pot but this is not the way to do it. 

On to Europe!

So now the turmoil of endless warfare and the ever growing injection of increasingly sophisticated weaponry into the region by the United States in its unthinking effort to “Shovel Shit Against the Tide” in the Middle East has started an Exodus.  And since the EU has enacted welcoming laws like those of the United States, rather than stand and fight, the great unwashed masses of the Middle East have decided to take the path of least resistance and head to the wealthiest states in the Union. They can give two shits about Hungary or Poland, heck, they got nothing for them. No, they are making a B-line towards Germany and Austria, the most well-to-do, for now, states in the EU.

And why not, these people aren’t just content to be out of their war-torn countries, they want MORE. More of what YOU have since you have become rich beyond measure in comparison to them.  THEY want what YOU have. And now’s the time you give it to them.  After all, you’re suckers to begin with so why not see how much they can take? It’s only human nature.

AND the added benefit of the Middle East is that these hordes asking for help from the Christians are Muslim, a group that is notorious for not assimilating into countries they invade. And why should they? It is YOU that must change. Witness the protests and the demands these interlopers have been making in Hungary. Will they be any different somewhere else? I think not.

Hungarian leader Vicktor Orban, has been heavily criticized in the International Press for being, of all things, Nationalistic! He has referred to the immigrants as "illegal". He has warned that Christians will be the minority in Europe it this mass migration continues. He has been accused of hypocrisy because he was raised an Atheist. It’s as if it is a crime in itself to have a love of country or perhaps to even find God, especially if it is a Christian one. Seeing the situation for what it is has made Mr. Orban a lightning rod for scrutiny. 

But for whatever reason, we already have evidence of what happens in countries where the Christians become a minority. They get Run Out on a Rail or killed and their churches burned. This has been happening recently in India, Egypt, Syria and Saudi Arabia, Niger and Israel to name just a few.

When people are out to get you, “Paranoia” becomes just “Good Thinking”.

It is easy for The Global(ist) Media to criticize people opposed to this human influx, put out pictures of drowned kids and lead the charge to champion the "plight" of these poor, poor, poor people who have the money to pay thousands of dollars for passage and who all seem to be holding smart phones. It won't be THEY who will have to deal with the consequences of this mass immigration.

But ultimately it is the competition for resources that will be the biggest conflict. With nations heavily in debt, where is the money going to come from? With large groups of unmutable peoples, how are the host countries going to deal with the discontent that will invariably arise from too many people chasing too few resources. How can a country the size of Germany possibly prepare for 300,000, 500,000, 800,000 people?

Good question, glad I asked it. 

Why Europe? 

A question also comes to mind of why, with all these other Muslim countries these "Migrants" can "Emigrate" to, are all these people heading straight to Europe? Wouldn't they rather be with people who believe in what they believe or is there something else involved?

We don't hear any pledges to take ANY of these Syrian refugees coming from Iran, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Indonesia, Pakistan, Egypt, Turkey, Sudan, Algeria, Jordan or the UAE, No, it is Europe who will best set these people "yearning to be free" up in style better than any of these places with free lodging, clothes and free schooling. At least until they can set up their own separate religious schools.

Back in 1675 in New England, King Philip had the Colonials on the ropes early in what has come to be known as King Philip’s War. Towns like Springfield, Middleboro and Deerfield had to be abandoned or nearly abandoned and by putting people on the move, the more established towns were really put out in their efforts to support these “refugees”. It momentarily changed the war in the favor of the Indians. If it wasn’t for the scourge of European diseases and lack of food, King Philip may well have triumphed in his efforts to rid New England of the invaders. At least temporarily.
Putting people on the move has always been a good tactic in warfare since it ultimately destabilizes an enemy’s position when they have to absorb so many people.

This time the enemy has put people who are more like them on the move rather than like the people they are going to. Doesn’t take a genius to see the problems.

We need only look to America.

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  1. It is clearer than day that people of same experience and behavior like to live within their own structure, People who believe in self work and have struggled to build are community now have to pay back to those who have invested nothing in their own countries and feel that every one else should pay. The politicians who pander to the thought of immigration should take responsibility for their actions and be taxed by their countries 90 % of all their income to support their ideology. It is easy to give other peoples money away does not hurt your own life style.

    I believe in a world where the is social and economic fairness, there is not fairness in asking a group of people to pay for other peoples mistakes and lack of lifting out their own countries and working for a better future, No one has a right to free load. social security and welfare is a social safety net for those who have paid into it not for people who live their whole lives on others hard work.