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Monday, September 28, 2015

United States of Obama on Wrong Side of Syrian Conflict.

Can the Obama Regime get it any more wrong?  President Obama is blaming everyone but himself for the debacle that has become the U.S. Middle East policy.

Millions of taxpayer dollars wasted. Millions more borrowed and printed, squandered and every group with a name that can be abbreviated, armed.

And THEY think Assad is the madman.

Guess again. At least Assad isn’t delusional.

With all the shenanigan's the U.S. has pulled in the Middle East over the last 14 years, never wanting to actually win the conflict but only using the situation to sell armaments to all sides and to write extensive big money contracts to connected contractors, is there any surprise at the vacuum of leadership in the area. 

So Vladimir Putin and Russia have now taken the initiative in Syria and are garnering more support in the Middle East and with Israel. And what does Israel have to lose? The Obama Regime has become it’s second worst enemy after Iran. Why wouldn’t they invite Russia to dinner?

Now distance is starting to really make a difference in this situation. Russia is right next door and the United States might as well be on the Moon. With their lack of presence and even worse, their lack of credibility, the United States has proven to be an ineffectual ally. Who wants us to help them now? Just send money. In all things Middle East these days, the U.S. is just too far away. Any move now will be expensive and cumbersome. It's going to take more than a drone strike to fix this. 

So it is Russia that is forming the alliances with Iraq and Iran to fight the U.S. armed and trained insurgency. It is the United States that is on the wrong side of the conflict and what the future will show as the wrong side of history.

Who is more trustworthy in the region now? Russia is and deservedly so.

They will trust the stable Vladimir Putin over the indecisive Barack Obama, the stalwart Sergey Lavrov over that pinhead John Kerry. This pretty much goes without saying.  I mean, why wouldn’t they? Will it be long before France starts to coordinate with the Russian forces in the area. This would be a "Broad Coalition". Something the United States should have been able to do but have no clue now on how to proceed. 

Putin is right on the money when he says the U.S. has sponsored Social Experiments in the form of Democratic Revolutions for which he blamed as the root cause of the continued conflict in the Middle East.  It all began with the Obama government’s sponsoring the overthrow Egypt’s government in order to replace it with a radical Islamic State.  Obama then followed with the arming and support of radical groups all over the region. Obama and his minions were virtually hunting groups to arm and begging to train anybody who even looked like they would fight for the clandestine objectives of the United States. There weren’t many takers.

So Putin accuses the U.S. of starting the conflict and Obama responded by saying “Oh, yeah?…Well same to you buddy!”   
It seems by throwing in with the Man with the Real Plan, other Middle Eastern nations are voting with their feet and throwing their support to the Russia dictator’s solution, not the American dictator’s solution. Having been a dictatorship far longer than the U.S., Russia is just plain better at it than the “Man Who Would Rule the United States”.

Word has it that Obama will bypass Congress to form a new solution to the old solution. Stay tuned!

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