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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Muslim Invaders Tear EU to Shreds

Like my mother always told me when I got into trouble and I tried to defend myself by saying that Johnny was doing it too, she’d say, “If Johnny jumped off a cliff, would you?”

So now I’d like to alter that a bit: “If Germany jumped off a cliff, should the rest of the EU do it too?”

But now, not just merely content to point the finger at the European Union countries that do NOT want these hordes of Muslim interlopers to move into their relatively peaceful nations, the EU has now come up with a plan to MAKE them take these people.

Good thinking.

And to think, before this all started, the European Union's only concern was that it was in danger of going bankrupt. Now with that notion just a quaint side story, the EU decides that it's better to just blow it up before it can collapse financially.

It’s bad enough that Germany, the country that is running the EU anyway and THINKS it has the wealth and political capital to absorb a stunning 800,000 people in just the first year, has started this human flood by declaring they will welcome as many Syrians, Afghans, Yemenis, Lebanese etc.

And so now, since Germany has finally figured out that they actually CAN’T handle the hordes of people they so naively invited in has decided to foist these people upon the nations that had the good sense in the first place to recognize what a tremendous blunder Germany was making and wanted no part of the situation.


Now according to Brussels, everyone must share the burden whether they like it or not.

Or will they?

I don’t see Hungary taking the plan to force these people they have so painstakingly worked to discourage into their country. Ditto the Czech Republic and Slovakia if these Visigoths are shoved down their throats involuntarily and if they have no voice in the decision making process they will be wondering why they are involved in the EU in the first place and exploring new alliances could be in the cards. I mean, if they are just going to be marginalized and dictated to, why put up with that?

Denmark’s go the right idea. They’ve slashed welfare benefits to immigrants and if you want to settle there, you have to,,,choke,,,learn their language. What a novel idea! I'll bet Denmark is not high on the migrant list of destinations. Beat us at the border, don't let us take the trains but NO WELFARE MONEY!? Dammit! I'm going to Germany!

Even the nations that want to take these dubious refuges blanch at the staggering number of the Muslim Baby Boomers streaming across the borders into the EU. They know the writing is on the wall and their forced welcoming smiles, also like my mother told me, now held too long will freeze upon their faces.

England and France, long known for their forced sincerity are back pedaling faster than a professional Log Roller at the Lumberjack World Championships as France's cut of the immigrant pie allotment according the the EU allocation chart is far lower than the number they vowed to take originally. They have enough cars burned every year in their segregated Muslim slums and they really shouldn’t be adding any more unhappy future arsonists if they can possibly avoid it.  It also remains to be seen how many of these illegals that the United Kingdom will actually take since every time David Cameron opens his mouth the number decreases. The reality will probably be even lower.

So now it’s a grim lottery. What we will see during the “sorting out” process, once they can get to the sorting out process, will be streams of trains running in the opposite direction taking a great many of these “masses yearning to breathe free” back to wherever the hell it is they actually came from. Or maybe just close enough to count. And that is something that seems to have been outlawed in the United States but will be Job #1 in the EU in the coming months.

But they won't go quietly and they won't go peacefully. 

And the damage done to The Union will be deep and fatal. 

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