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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Middle East Solution: Quit Arming Everybody!

Quit trying to train one group of people to fight another. Quit giving anybody with a grudge and a Koran a gun and a reason to use it. Get the hell out of the Middle East altogether so they can reach equilibrium on their own.

The Middle East is just an open air market for weapons of mass destruction furnished by your “friends” the United States Government.

You may ask yourself now, after 14 years of buildups, pullouts, surges and training goals, just how many enemies can the United States make in the region? The answer comes in the form of another question: How many people are IN the region?

How much death and destruction can the Obama Administration sew? After watching the previous presidential regime of George W. Bush take a “Don’t Kill the Job” position in Afghanistan and Iraq where winning the war wasn’t really on the agenda. Just keep throwing people, money and arms into the place and SOMETHING good may happen.

Well, it never did and every day, week, month or year we spend over there will not bring us any closer to an ending. Get out.

There isn’t a working brain cell in anybody in the U.S. military who thought that they could train and arm a Syrian force to go after Bashar al-Assad.

It’s all been a colossal hoax, all a lie. And all the money, U.S. taxpayer money, a commodity that grows in shorter supply every day, is gone in an instant. What happened?

Nobody knows. It’s all a game to these people. Nothing is real.

If you wish to know why a general mood of despair is gripping the U.S. military, then look no further. The military has become a politicized den of ineptitude that cannot bring itself to actually do the job that it was designed to do: kill the enemy and take all their shit.

If our military can’t do this or its commanders lack the will to carry this out then it should NOT be deployed.

We’ve wasted 14 years on a mishmash of ideas and lack of an end-game. Just what were we supposed to do if we win?

But that’s a moot point now.

There are still people in our government still talking like we are going to send over a large force and finally end the war and wipe out ISIL. Just how delusional is that? 

ISIL is the best armed force in the region because we gave them the best weapons indirectly. We first gave them to our friends the Iraqi Army. They in turn dropped them into the hands of ISIL. There is also evidence that our U.S. forces actually trained some of ISILs’ top leaders just as we did the Afghans when the Soviets were pushing through the country.  Now the forces that turned the tables on the Russians are turning the tables on us by our own design. 

ISIL is our people, the Iraqi Army are our people, the Kurds are our people. They are ALL our people fighting each other over there. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that we're training the Russians and supplying them with armored vehicles. 

We are done wasting resources on people who won’t fight for themselves and who are all too willing to enable ISIL to take over.

We’ve helped too. 

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